Despite the appearance in the second half, red FD riding that left an impact | Mazda RX-7 Type RS Vol.1 famous cars that supported "Manga Over Rev!"

Despite the fact that the manga "Overlev!" Appeared in the second half of the series, the character who left an impact on the reader was Ami [Ami Honnoji], who rides a bright red FD3S.

She is 18 years old who works for the sexy pub "Men's Dream", a rival store in Fiorina where Sawako works.

It's been a while since I got my driver's license, but by taking advantage of my natural talent and the experience of being a yancha at the wharf when I was in junior high school, I use the FD3S like a limb.

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AMI and FD3S met Sawaco in the 20th volume when they first appeared, and decided to run Yokoyama Pass together.

Initially, both of them wore a cat, but when they started running, they entered serious mode and developed a tail-to-nose dogfight.

The difference in machine is unknown because the tuning menu of FD3S is not revealed, but Ami wins by a narrow margin against Sawako who is rumored to be a genius at Yokoyama Pass and S14 who wears S tires with light weight. It's gone.

Although Ami won the Gachinko battle like this, she felt a sense of familiarity with Sawaco who seems to be "the same kind of person as herself," and then transferred to Fiorina.

Since then, I have longed to call him "Sawako-nee."

Sawako, on the other hand, was initially open to rivalry, but gradually began to accept Ami's feelings.

And at the ball held by Yuuto of the drag race circle "BULLET" of the Teidai Automobile Department, I have been watching enough to introduce Aika as "my brother".

The headrest-integrated bucket seat was developed not only for its high holdability, but also for its light weight.

In the case of Type RS, the shape is the same as other grades, but the material is suede-like.

The Type R / RB is 16 inches, but the Type RS is 17 inches.

In addition, the front and rear sizes are 235 / 45R17 and 255 / 40R17.

The outer handle of the door is built into the pillar, not the door panel.

A technique to make the side design look neat.

An aluminum scuff plate with a brilliantly bright "RX-7" logo.

This is also a genuine option.

Hachimaru Hero November 2019 vol.56 [All content in this article is as at the time of publication]
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