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"Detection of naked photos → report to parent" New smartphone of tone mobile, released for 20,000 yen-Engadget Japan version


Attempted by a malicious third party, the child posts a naked selfie image to SNS. Tone Mobile will release the smartphone "TONE e20" incorporating a function to prevent such damage on February 20. The price is 19,800 yen [excluding tax].

Tone Mobile is a low-cost smartphone equipped with advanced watching functions such as "Disable smartphones from 10 PM to 6 AM until children become junior high school students." In addition, it will be equipped with a function to notify parents when a child arrives at school or cram school by using GPS, a function to restrict usable apps, and a filtering function to restrict harmful sites.

New function to prevent children's "nude selfie"

The newly released "TONE e20" has enhanced security functions. Equipped with the world's first camera equipped with an AI filter that prevents damage to "naked selfie" shooting by children.

Specifically, if the AI ​​detects inappropriate subjects such as nakedness while the camera is running, you will not be able to shoot or save. In addition, there is a function to notify parents of the shooting location and a reduced version of the shot image.

The AI ​​filter is on-device and does not upload any data to the cloud. It is said that there is no concern that naked photos leak to the outside.

▲ When trying to take naked [including underwear] photos …

▲ Camera function is off. Cannot save data

▲ Parents will be notified depending on the setting

engadget▲ Does not respond to swimwear. It is said that it is possible to distinguish with high accuracy as a result of machine learning of inappropriate images instead of simply distinguishing by the "skin color ratio"

In the background, it is said that there are safety concerns about having children with smartphones, especially "self-portrait damage" is increasing, such as alerting the police, and by preventing this, parents can feel safe Enhance the feeling.

In addition, instead of simply setting “usable apps” and “unusable apps” by parents, a new function is provided to disable individual functions within the app. For example, it is also possible to disable only "open chat" that allows you to talk with unspecified majority in the LINE application. This function will be compatible with LINE first, and will be compatible with other multi-function apps [super apps].



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