Development of the housing industry “Linking services” IoT, etc.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Director Jun Nabe Nabe told the idea that the future of the housing industry should "develop the way the business is linked to housing and various services."

It was stated at the joint new press conference for specialty papers after the review of the basic plan for living was started. Since the market environment such as population decline has changed, it has been recognized that it is difficult to establish a housing market that relies solely on new construction. Will continue to increase.

In particular, there are various risks associated with the elderly living alone. This is because it is expected that the response to risks will probably be limited in the part that can be solved by housing hardware alone.

“Using various sensors makes it possible to manage health and safety,” he points out about the affinity between IoT technology and housing. “The housing industry in a broad sense that combines housing hardware and various services comes in a variety of styles,” he said.

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