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From Tuesday, September 15th, Devil's Blade ×LawsonCollaboration food "Goubo Hinokami Cheese Dak-galbi FlavorIs now on sale! The impactful package with the motif of the familiar character "Kamado Tanjiro" with the blade of devilishness was conspicuous in the side dish corner inside the Lawson store.

I think there are many devilish blade fans who are wondering, "What is Goubo in the first place?" "What kind of taste is cheese dak-galbi? Can you eat it even if you don't like spicy taste?" That's why I immediately reviewed the taste!

Devil's Blade x Lawson "Goobo Hinokami Cheese Dak-galbi Flavor" I tried it!

I bought "Goobo Hinokami Cheese Dak-galbi Flavor" at Lawson!

Sumijiro, who is activating "Hinokami Kagura", is too cool …!

The green and black haori pattern, which is the trademark of Sumijiro, is also printed.

When you see this pattern, it automatically associates with Sumijiro in your brain, and if you think about it carefully, it's pretty amazing (laughs).

I didn't notice it because I was distracted by the illustrations and haori pattern of Sumijiro, but if you look closely, the whole package may be a "Nichirinto" …! This is a nice design!

After enjoying the package, we will review the tastes you care about!

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