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Diamond shine on your lips! Bobbi Brown “ Lux Lux Liquid Lip Rich Metal Raster Lux Liquid Lip Rich Metal '' Limited 3 Colors Appear

Check out glittering limited packaging and limited colors!

Bobbi Brown's New Year Collection!限定 Limited package of red rose & pearl like diamond shines"Luxe Liquid Lip Rich Raster"WhenLux Liquid Lip Rich Metal. Three kinds of limited lip colors are available from two kinds of liquid lips that produce bright, three-dimensional lips.た I tried a special liquid lip suitable for the New Year.

Liquid lips that color your lips with the radiance and three-dimensional effect of diamonds

Bobbi BrownLuxury luxe series items will be available as a new year's "Luxe & Fortune Collection" in a limited edition package of Red Rose! This time we pick up two kinds of liquid lips (limited 3 colors).

From left: Lux Liquid Lip Rich Raster L01, Lux Liquid Lip Rich Metal L01, L02.

"Lux Lux Liquid Lip Rich Raster" (Limited 1 color, suggested retail price 4,200 yen excluding tax, released on January 17, 2020. * Limited quantity)Is a liquid lip with deep red color and multicolor polarized pearls that shine like a hologram, creating a plump, three-dimensional lip. You can also use it over the lip. The color is "L01 Precious Gem".

"Lux liquid lip rich metal" (Limited 2 colors, suggested retail price 4,200 yen excluding tax, on sale January 17, 2020. * Limited quantity)Is a liquid lip blended with fine pearls that shine like a diamond. It is characterized by giving a glossy and metallic texture that shines on the lips. There are two colors, "L01 Frose" and "L02 Pink Crystal".

Both textures are rich like gross and full of moisture. Rich raster has larger pearl grains and brighter shine. Rich metal has a finer and more delicate pearl.

Rich pearls and lip that shines elegantly with vivid color with transparency

First, try "Lux Lux Liquid Lip Rich Raster"!

The tip of the tip is slightly slanted, making it easier to apply to the lips. The color is mature ruby ​​red.

Extend to lips. Because the texture is rich, you can paint evenly and neatly if you do not apply too much liquid to the chips.

The deep red color of Ruby Red is beautiful!も The gorgeous glow of a hologram is also gorgeous, making the lips look three-dimensional. The color was also transparent, so it wasn't noticeable and gave the lips a mature and elegant impression. It is also recommended to use it like gross by laying it on top of other lips.

Next is L01 Flose from "Lux Lux Liquid Lip Rich Metal".

Here, instead of applying it to the entire lips, it is recommended that you place them with a tip and then blend the lips together.

For shiny metallic lips! With a slightly pink color and sheer color, the lips have a soft and cute impression. This way you can use it regardless of the scene.

Both kept the moisture for a long time and could spend with glossy lips. Depending on the outing scene and fashion, you can adjust the impression of the finish by attaching it firmly, putting it lightly on the spot, or layering it.

Recommended for those who want to create a diamond-like shine and three-dimensional appearance, those who are looking for mature red lips, and those who want to get a shiny metallic lip!

The limited three colors of Rich Raster and Rich Metal are available at the Bobbi Brown Official Online Shop, Shinsaibashi Daimaru Store, Ginza Mitsukoshi Store, Osaka Takashimaya, Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store, Umeda Hankyu Store, Umeda Daimaru Store, Sapporo Daimaru Store, Seibu Ikebukuro Store, Available only at Shinjuku Keio and Shinjuku Isetan stores.

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