Did iMac appear? Immediately before WWDC 2020, what is the noticeable announcement content?

Apple will hold the World Developer Conference, WWDC 2020, online from June 22 [US time]. Detailed schedule,Published on the website.

Every year, in the first week of June, a lottery was held for an admission ticket of $1,500 at an event held in San Jose, California, USA. However, due to the global epidemic of the new coronavirus, 2020 was held online soon.

 Google and Facebook also held developer meetings from spring to early summer, but they decided to cancel. But Apple's intention to hold it as an event may be due to the weight of the announcement.

This is because it is expected that the WWDC in 2020 will announce support for the Mac ARM platform.

▽ Up until now, it has been reported that Bloomberg will be the center to launch a Mac equipped with an ARM-based in-house chip, A14X, in 2021. Also, already create iPad and Mac apps from common codeMac CatalystHas been released.

Until now, Apple has provided information to the developers who develop apps at the right time, in the face of major platform changes. This is so that major apps or apps that embody new ideas can be lined up on the launch of a new platform.

For example, the iPhone will be released in September every year, but the hardware and API specific to the new iPhone will not be announced at WWDC. Surprise is reduced because the hardware is easily guessed by the developer. However, not all users will buy it right away, so it doesn't matter if there is no new-specific app when the iPhone is launched in September.

However, Apple's announcement of WWDC support for ARM Macs suggests that there may be changes beyond just ARM Macs that will appear in 2021. There may be a universal app that runs on Intel Mac, ARM Mac, and iPad platforms.

WWDC is a conference where software is the main role. Therefore, hardware does not always appear. However, in 2020, it seems that iMac may appear. Of course, it's unlikely that the iMac will appear in ARM, but when it comes to the new design of the all-in desktop, which can be said to be the origin of the Mac that has been in the current style even before the switch to Intel, it will attract more attention.

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