Did you get inspired by Japanese origami? Infiniti Carigami Paper Craft

COVID-19 In the situation where it is unavoidable to stay at home to prevent the spread of infection, manufacturers are releasing ideas to enjoy at home. [Karami] "series has appeared. Cargami, which may have been coined by Car + Origami, is a paper craft inspired by traditional Japanese origami. It may be easier to convey the image to Japanese people by calling it paper craft rather than origami.

Q50, QX80, and crossover FX models can be created on a 1:27 scale, all of which areInfiniti official websiteIt can be downloaded from. As the first step, the Q50 is already available for download, and the other two models have "Coming soon" displayed, but I would like to complete the three types when they are released.

In the official video, the work is placed on the turntable of the record to create the atmosphere of a new car presentation at home. Why don't you give it a try and upload your self-made image on social media using the hashtag #ParkitforNow #Carigami.

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