Did you know that there is a service that allows you to rent a Honda mini bike for free? Even those who have never experienced a motorcycle can enjoy the fun of two wheels!

It's been a long time since I heard words that youths are leaving cars,bikeWhat about? Speaking of the decline in status due to the diversification of entertainment, I think motorcycles are in a similar situation.

Under such circumstances, Honda, a major motorcycle maker, started renting its own motorcycle "free" last year. The details will be described later, but I would like to first mention the important points.

that isWhat this service wants newbies to experienceThat is. And it means that people who do not have a motorcycle license can enjoy it. It's important here!

・ OK if you have a normal car license

The name of the service introduced this time is"HondaGO BIKE STAND". One of the services that make up the HondaGO project, which aims to revitalize the motorcycle market, and aims to make young people aware of the fun of motorcycles.

As I said at the beginning, reallyfreeYou can rent a motorcycle at. Hotels and leisure facilities at sightseeing spots are rental sites, and as of March 16, 2020, there are four service bases nationwide.HereSee].

Rental vehicles are 50-125cc mini bikes, especially 50cc vehicles.Driving is possible with a moped license attached to a normal car license. In other words, we leave out the details such as the displacement and the model of the car, and we can think of it as a service with the purpose of learning the fun of motorcycles first.

I am also a rider and a profession who writes articles and tells something to others. So, this time, I will try to convey the fun of the motorcycle for me while actually using the service.

・ A mysterious glitter bike appears

I came to Hotel Anteroom Kyoto, the only service base in the Kansai area. As for the flow of use, you can make a reservation in advance by telephone or e-mail, or you can accept at the front desk on the same day. There is no particularly difficult procedure.

The bike can be selected from three types: Jorno, Cross Cub, and Tact [all 50cc]. In particular, Tact said that specially designed vehicles that collaborated with artists were prepared. Then it's so much trouble, so …

I thought …

The design is a bit too habit …

I write "sightseeing" as much as I want. Something is really glittering. I feel like I need Lady Gaga's fashion sense in order to ride this unusual bike calmly. Anyway, it was too early for me.

So, the yellowGiornoChoice. Yeah, this is definitely better!

・ Relaxing petit tooling

Now it's good to rent a motorcycle, but it's about where to go. For me, Kyoto is a local, so if you suddenly go to somewhere, you can't think of it.

For the time being, I decided to aim for Imamiya Shrine, which is famous for its delicious “bowl mochi”. Good distance from the hotel [less than 10km].

If it is the shortest route, it feels like going through the city, but this is a detour. Let's make a riverside cruise along the Kamogawa River.

After all, it is good to be able to run while receiving sunlight and the wind full of the body. I want to say this loudly, but the pleasure of running while feeling the wind is actually a large motorcycle or a small motorcycleNot very relevant.

The important thing is that your body is outside, unlike a car. Before buying the finer motorcycle knowledge, it is most important to know the fun first.

Since there is no speed anyway, run slowly on the left end while watching the scenery. Of course, you can park your bike and take a break in Kawahara or take a picture. There are endless ways to enjoy a motorcycle.

So I arrived at Imamiya Shrine …

Walk around the precincts …

Eat the specialty “Aburi Mochi” …

On the way back, look at the five-storied pagoda of Toji …

Return the motorcycle. Petit touring for 3 hours. What do you say yourself, a wonderful holiday, right? The only money I spent was 500 yen for “buri mochi”.

・ Let's ride a motorcycle!

This time I rode Giorno and ran around Kyoto, but I was able to reconfirm the fun of the bike again. I also thought that the moped was a very good tool for learning the real thrill of motorcycles.

The reason is,I don't feel stress. It doesn't make any sense to feel stress on your first ride. Of course, large motorcycles have the advantage of being large, but in terms of convenience, scooters are better served.

There is no gear operation, so there is no need to worry about stalling, and luggage can be put into the MET-in, so no bag is required for petit touring. Since the weight of the car is light, even maneuvering is easy.

Nothing starts if you don't think about the extras and don't know the fun of running with the wind. You can also buy a small motorcycle according to your personal preference, or try a medium or large one.

In that sense, I really recommend the HondaGO BIKE STAND for those who have never experienced a motorcycle. Although the number of bases is still small, it can be said that it is a limited service, but if you are a bit interested in motorcycles, why not try it?

Finally only one. At hotels where motorbikes were rented this time, there was a difference in the rentable time depending on the use of facilities. The detailed rules around that may vary from site to site, so please ask in advance when actually using it.

Let's meet at some touring spot when it gets warm!


Report:Great Muromachi

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