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DiDi launches food delivery in Osaka in April to compete with Uber Eats-Recruitment wanted-Engadget Japan version

Instruct the delivery staff of the sole proprietor using a smartphone app to deliver the food. With such food delivery using gig workers, options other than Uber Eats will be born in Japan.

DiDi, a Chinese dispatching giant that has teamed up with SoftBank in Japan, has announced that it will launch a food delivery service using a gigworker, DiDi Food, in Osaka in April.

Currently, we are looking for delivery staff and member stores. Looking at the recruitment page of the delivery staff, it is a gig worker-like job overview such as "Work between classes", "free working hours", "complete turnover system". We also provide insurance and compensation systems for delivery personnel in case of an accident.

When going around Uber Eats, tsukemen are thrown away and leftTroubleJust became a hot topic last year. It is pointed out that dissatisfaction with the delivery staff's treatment has been pointed out in the background, and it is possible that the competition for delivery workers will occur at DiDi Food and Uber Eats, and it may be possible to expect better treatment for gig workers.


TechCrunch Tokyo 2019 will be held on November 14 and 15


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