Difference between those who can save 100 million yen and those who can not

I am not interested in saving money because I personally think that spending life is more fun and fun, but I will introduce the tendency of those who have a billion assets around me .

◆ Increasing income
Most people, whether they're office workers or entrepreneurs, form billions of assets by increasing their earning in their core business. In the end, I think it's all about doing this, or getting the results out of your main job, spending most of your day, is a way to balance your fulfilling life and securing your assets.

So many people stop thinking, saying, "Such a thing." Anyone with a repulsive sentiment here will probably not be able to save 100 million yen.

Because he doesn't have a problem-solving mind. He is aware of the gap between his present and goals and has given up on defining what kind of methodology is needed, what action is needed, and what tasks he or she needs to do.

The ability to grasp, think, think, and act is one way to build 100 million assets.

◆ We increase with money of others
This is a type that uses other people's money to increase assets, such as borrowing from equity funds or financial institutions.

Entrepreneurs are funded to expand their businesses and increase their corporate value, and most of them own themselves as wealthy.

Of course, you can't sell your company's stock, but you can earn dividends if you make a profit. Or, if the company were to be sold or listed, you would have founder benefits.

Investors receive loans from financial institutions to acquire real estate and increase their total assets and cash flow to become wealthy. Because you have a loan, your net worth is poor, but if you pay off, everything is yours.

By the way, My Home can only count as an asset balance if you sell or lend it to others and plan to convert it to money in the future. In other words, it generally means investment real estate such as apartments, condominiums, and parking lots.

◆ Increased by operation
The above-mentioned real estate investment is one of the management, but some people have built up 100 million assets through securities investment and foreign exchange transactions. However, many of them do not make a profit in peacetime, but make a profit from falling or rising once every few years.

In other words, it is necessary to have the judgment and action to wait for a chance, take the plunge if you think it is a chance, and flee once you get a profit, and it may be quite difficult.

◆ Constant living level
If your income increases, you will not save money if you fall into the consumption pattern of living in a luxury tower apartment and eating out richly and buying a luxury foreign car. However, this is a meaningful enjoyment of life, so I do not deny it.

However, it is important to have a spending axis on what you should spend money on and what you spend money on to make your life richer.

With that, I think that we can avoid raising the standard of living uniformly and becoming a heather without losing money even if income is reduced.

The wealthy people around me have the impression that their incomes increase, they do not frolic, their incomes decrease, they do not panic, and their standard of living is constant.

Text = Tokio Kodo [money guide]
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