Differences between poor people and those who can get rich even if they invest themselves

◆ Why does my income not increase even after obtaining qualifications?
Rich people are different from the general view of self-investment. There is no idea of ​​self-investment = qualification unless it is absolutely necessary for your business or you are working on a job that is not possible without qualification.

Because they are looking at “market growth”.

If you are in a growing field, you will be able to grow together as if you have moderate abilities but are on a rising escalator.

However, it can only be used in Japan, where the population is declining, and there is little prospect of increasing needs. Nevertheless, successful candidates, that is, the market where the supply will increase every year, will not enter unless there is a lot of confidence.

◆ Self-investment is an invisible skill
They then think that instead of studying for qualifications, they should hire qualified people and have them do it. If you have enough time to study for the exam, you will focus on building more important business models and developing customers and business partners.

Their self-investment refers to skills that are not visible, such as negotiation, presentation, and problem-solving skills. That's because satisfying self-esteem doesn't matter, and it's important to ask "Does it lead to income?"

In practice, such as music and sports, we make friends together. This is because doing it with friends can reduce the risk of setbacks and broaden the network that cannot be obtained through work.

In addition, we will organize and participate in conventions and presentations on a regular basis. Because there is a deadline, concentrate and practice. Because there is a sense of tension to announce, it becomes easier to improve in the short term.

◆ If English lessons are not one-on-one, time is wasted
Languages ​​such as English conversation use one-on-one lessons. For a group lesson of 6 people, a 60-minute lesson will only allow 10 minutes for one person to speak. And you have to listen to other students.

However, for one-on-one, all 60 minutes is your own time, and intensive lessons are possible to overcome weaknesses. In addition, unlike a group, if you skip it, it will inconvenience the instructor, so you can schedule it as a work and prevent frustration.

Smarter people think that learning can be turned into income. For example, I will put it on an American auction site and aim for both English and earnings. Or send an email requesting a transaction to an overseas contractor, go to meet directly and try to do something by gesturing.

Avoid the result of spending the most important time in your twenties on studying for exams for difficult qualifications, unable to find a job, cultivating customers on your own, and what you believed to be an effort to pull your own life. Must be.

This does not mean that qualification is not good. Rather than reminding the school or business that wants to self-invest, it is necessary to look at the reality and imagine a story that will lead to your growth and profits.

Text = Toudoo Tono [Money Guide]
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