Digital Renminbi Bank account required of a wallet service post・the US dollar turn out to be a stepping-stone towards an even

2020 Years 9 months 4 days CoinDesk Japan,interesting news of all…… This year, China’s largest China Construction Bank mobile wallet to the public, the Central Bank issued digital RMB temporary Test Release to enforce a certain degree of success with. This mobile wallet is an existing Bank account and a leash with you in the future, your Bank account need personal hard wallet, the user individual storage and trading system to transition may suggest.

This news means China’s 1.4 billion people have digital RMB you can freely share this with you. In China from early on electronic payment services and the spread for the purpose,”financial inclusion・the file type of”order. As a result, by 2018 the Chinese adult of 8% of the cashless payments using the leading to your being. This currency situation is the base for the world’s first digital legal currency of the implementation is to be realized that.

Incidentally, the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is also, of course, digital Renminbi is adopted in the flow, and if China and around the developing world, the digital Renminbi by economic activity moving forward with that. The value of the U.S. dollar is falling currently, Digital the RMB the world’s currency position as future high not likely to say no.

Here’s one I love,the American economy of the digital currency in May. In fact, the American Central Bank・the FED,the block chain-based table of the coins to develop the desire to have. The news of the world began to flow in the corona and the ominous plunge into from here. China, compared to the Laggards feeling is there is discomfort. The Central Bank of Central which is FED from the situation would.

The FED is Block Chain a type of digital currency were cautious as a factor, Facebook is under development of there. The U.S. economy is relentlessly Facebook is in development of”client”to 敵対視 you. Private currency issuance rights with the existing financial system, there is a risk of harm from. At least the Central banking system of the threat and the extraordinary sense of vigilance to see that.

The FED is an initiative by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, such as commanding,this black kill rushing you. The digital currency of the disadvantages enumerated and pointed out to through the history there. Therefore, shade in the digital currency to undertake this publicity in one of the ironic story.

Incidentally, the private sector of is the table a coin as a digital currency, which operates with a social significance. 中間搾取[a hefty transaction fee]and the Central administration to eliminate the pure currency is the first in the world implemented a great chance,humanity is seen to see you miss for that matter. This Central Group is overlooked should not do.

Talk Digital the RMB to return to the world of the total population from the FED’s digital currency than digital Renminbi’s distribution power is high and well you can guess. The population, only the distribution of power to determine not the future of Asia’s financial underdog, the Bank required the personal wallet in economic activity that might,not say no.

Of course, socio-economic or E2EE[end-user transactions between]by a click at reasonable transaction is possible. This is asset management in terms of major benefit. Just behind China is that, it’s just a big risk of having to say that. It is noted that while digital of the RMB on the whereabouts of Japanese individual investors are also keeping a close eye would be better. [Articles:TO・The article list to look at]

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