Dinosaurs, including the biological mass extinction,meteorite impact and that environmental upheaval is the cause or evidence found at the University of Tsukuba from

The 6600 million years ago the Cretaceous period at the end of the earth to the asteroid,the dinosaurs on the planet, including 75% of the and life, extinction of species brought. This is the average person many of the known facts is the degree of the damage of life in a species that 75% of the extinct are not considered traditional even imagine had not been a serious incident happens we do have experts among us believed.

【Here】Dinosaur extinction,a meteorite falling and it’s accompanied by sulfur extrusion is the cause

It is a serious incident about the various hypotheses are chanted, The them demonstrate credible evidence is confirmed, and any explanation of a guessing game to take off and the actual situation was.

This asteroid collision incident, Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula in the North to the diameter of 10 ~ 15 km of the asteroid from now on and 6600 million years ago the collision is still 160km and a Chicxulub・crater and 衝突痕 have left the Earth’s history is also unparalleled games are.

At that time, the collision point to the center radius of 1500km range fire occurs 800 km away in Illinois on the tsunami reached this indirectly confirmed that. Also, the current in the Earth the same happens if the Great East Japan Earthquake, as damage is serious,Japan to clash, it is immediately the country is surviving on the verge of that would.

However, this fact alone is life species, 75% of extinction as the cause and explain the material is not enough for you.

This major mystery about the results of research on 2 May, the University of Tsukuba, Kochi University, Kyoto University, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and technology・Atomic Energy Agency・quantum science and technology research and development・high intensity scientific research center of the joint published.

In this study, the asteroid collided with the strata of silver or copper containing particles for the first time that comes to light. Silver and copper microparticles of the present, which at the time was acid rain is to the Earth pouring in indicating that the evidence of this fact is life species and 75% of the extinction due to suggests that would.

Silver and copper strong acid is not soluble, it is not. The usual rain on the earth, contained silver and copper in the ocean flow this is not. Strong acidic rain on the Earth pour in,as a result, silver and copper in the ocean flow, the deposited fine particles, as confirmed with this research claim.

Asteroid impact in a short period of time to fire and acid rain on the surface of the Earth is exposed, it will flow into marine environments in an instant upheaval, and even the atmosphere number of dust is diffuse,the sunlight is blocked,on the ground low temperature is rapidly proceeded this would.

These gradually advanced, if the many life species are adapted to it for there was a time, but at the time of global environmental change many life species,the environment for adaptation and it is not given,a rapid change was now. [Article: cedar3・The article list to look at]

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