Director Ao Gakuhara, the name of the Hakone Ekiden Battle is "Great Battle"

The 96th Tokyo Hakone Round-trip University Ekiden Hakone Ekiden [January 2 and 3 next year] will be held in Tokyo on the 10th. “After all it was a great strategy”.

Director Hara, who was asked for the reason, explained, “After all, 4th grade was strong. After all, I was glad to support Seigakudai.” He seemed to be thinking about quitting his name, but he laughed, “It ’s important to continue every year.”

This year is 5th in Izumo Ekiden and 2nd in All Japan. However, the final goal is the overall victory of Hakone Ekiden. Last time the tournament was in 2nd place, but the consecutive victory was interrupted at 4, but after all it was reinstated to be said to be strong.

Other competitions such as baseball and soccer will be rivaled to maintain and develop the popularity of land. While various sports became popular, he strongly appealed for “nationalization” toward the 100th Hakone Ekiden to survive. He emphasized that “We must create a nationwide convention structure. Necessary for evolution.”

Entry players at Seigakudai are Hayato Suzuki, Tomoya Nakamura, Kohei Tanino, Yuya Yoshida [all four years] Yuji Ichikawa, Hideya Iwami, Yuta Kamibayashi, Kenji Shingo, Yuta Yoshida [all three years] Takayuki Iida, Shoya Hayada, Keigo Yuhara [both 2 years] Daiki Kishimoto, Kotaro Kondo, Keigo Nakakura, Daiki Miyasaka [both 1 year]. Naoto Takeishi [4 years], who climbed 5 wards for the past two years, was out of entry.

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