Director Inoue points out the issue of Judo "need not only strength but attractiveness"

The judo world also gets "small fans"! ? Judo boy coach Yasuo Inoue [42] enthusiastically talked about the future of the judo world on the 30th.

Participated in an online conference organized by "HALF TIME", which deals with PR of sports business. The competition population has declined by about 50,000 in the last five years, and he argued that “reform” is important in order to popularize the competition as the birthrate declines. "We need to have an attractiveness that is not only strength. We need to think not only from the perspective of the side doing it until now, but also from the perspective of the person who sees it. Just winning does not develop judo."

At the 19th World Championship Tokyo Games, we introduced for the first time a 360-degree camera that shot the routines in slow motion and a descriptive audio commentary from the Olympic medalist. Taking these as an example, in the future, the subject was "how to convey Judo in an easy-to-understand manner" for people who do not know the competition.

“It's important that you understand the charm of Judo before you pull it in. While keeping the good old things, it is also important to change according to the times. There are many elements that can change the Judo world. We think that becoming a group and athletes who can lean on will lead to the spread of the competition.''

In Japan Judo, training for each affiliation is the main focus for player strengthening. Representative activities were suspended due to the influence of Corona, and it was emphasized that cooperation with affiliated companies and universities was more important, and "organizational strength" was a strength of Japan. For the Tokyo Olympics, which has been postponed for one year, we will not be able to strengthen it without this power. We would like to cooperate with the dojo, university, affiliation, etc. to disseminate the strength and value of judo. It was

Mr. Kosuke Kitajima [37], who was the second consecutive championship in the two swimming competitions, [37], 18th Pyeongchang Olympic curling women's bronze medal Mari Motohashi [34], and Daisuke Ohata [44], former rugby representative from Japan, also participated in the conference.

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