Director Yasuo Inoue decides to maintain "right body" representation

On the 25th, the All Japan Judo Federation announced that it has officially decided to maintain the representative rights of the 13 men and women of the Tokyo Olympic Games, which were postponed next summer.

By an extraordinary board meeting by written resolution, by the 22nd, the approval of all directors and auditors was obtained. On June 15, the JENJU convened an online executive committee and strengthening committee to decide on a policy of maintaining representative rights.

Men's national team coach Yasuo Inoue [42] said, “I am determined to continue the national team, and I think I will be able to tighten myself. I believe that the current players can prepare well for the Olympics and achieve results. And fight together as one. " Katsuyuki Masuchi [49], a women's national team representative who has decided to represent all seven classes, said, “ First of all, make a firm plan, recover the physical strength of the athlete, and give mental care while considering the infection situation of the new coronavirus. I want to gradually increase the load. "

We will continue to consider the selection method for the 66-kg class for men, who are not the only representatives of the Olympics.

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