Disclosure in the University’s job force

The new semester began. New high school 3rd grade students and their parents, immediately career counseling for 3 person interview is conducted. And the University choose the person for example, the deviation in those who choose to, such as the course selection method is home to various.

【Here】The Guardian’s University 3 job hunting and anxiety

Such selected indicators as one of the University’s employment rate is up. This employment rate is not sin. To some extent the University of side results that can be manipulated from it. This time, the information of the operation performed and information operations need not determine how to introduce.

■The Ministry of education by employment status of survey

Of College students after graduation about the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and technology each year accurate statistics have done the survey [see Figure 1]. The most recent fiscal 2019 graduates and graduates across the 57 million 2,639 name. Out,job for student,”a job[regular]””Employment [Non-Regular]”a total of 44 million 6,794 name,rate and a 78 percent. This formula is a job for a number of people[note] the numerator and the denominator to the total student, not you.

* Note temporary work molecules are excluded from the calculated. This including whether this is a separate discussion for this paper is the handling not.

■Each University’s own employment status survey

Commonly used employment rates,job seekers plus,job was a man molecular with.

Universities,University, 3 grade spring days, all students Target course wish to carry out the investigation. Therefore, students looking for employment opportunities, from academic to hope that in, I haven’t made my decision yet from you.

This personal employment wishes concerning the data of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and technology research item to no one. Put differently, the University, other than our data can say.

■Employment rate of magic

Potential employees are literally looking for employment opportunities in the student refers to, and wish to find a job as a graduate program can and those who initially desire to proceed as though the job that person is,how can I handle the example.

The feelings of the person and the situation is changing, so accurate, from the University, is a monthly survey called the good, the real problem,they keep growing strong. Therefore, students who graduated at the time of the final survey, when performing the”determination”is made. The job seekers, to include whether a”determination”is. This criterion is vague because it is intended to have the employment rate is the denominator of the operation allow it.

Especially in the employment situation worsened, however,job without training or free as graduation celebrates the students who are potential employees will be excluded from the. Also, the job from graduate or professional school admitted to the people,those who intend to be counted as for job seekers, are excluded.

■The correct information is disclosed to determine the

The employment of information operations,to attract students for struggling colleges that most often tends to be. So how do we get accurate information disclosure is being carried out to determine whether what seems to be.

How to determine if the University is public information,the following details such as whether data is available.

1. Faculty [Department] of graduates number of
2. Faculty [Department] of employed graduates number of
3. Faculty [Department] of Admitted Students
4. Faculty [Department] of job seekers number of
5. Faculty [Department] of”temporary work”the number of
6. Faculty [Department] of the”other”number of

These items,all have been published if the reliability is high. Also, Item 1 is missing and confidence is low. Publishing this might allow more reliable validation in situations where it is inconvenient to them.

Also, the information access of convenience and also reliability of the evaluation point.

In many cases,the University home page in the Career Center the information in the employment rate related data have been published on. The University home page without information,”the Corporation”of”Business Report”section. In that case, access convenience is inferior to this. Furthermore, the business report, the employment rate, but according to a new University reality exists. So for the University,the confidence level is the most low.

High school students College entrance examination, if you are interested the University has a limited number of all,the most difficult task seems to be. Nevertheless, the bounden duty to study, unlike their parents help and there is a very good field, and help all it’s a good no. In this case, unless the business reports to look through the opportunities not just from. [Article: Inagawa 海豹・The article list to look at]

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