Discovered "baked potato vending machine" in Miyazaki Prefecture! Hokuhoku's “Haru Haruka” is too great on a cold night!

There seems to be a vending machine for "baked sweet potatoes" in Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture. I caught such information in a local information magazine issued by the local community. It is probably a seasonal story that is not included in the tourist guidebook. Right after we had dinner,Roasted sweet potatoes. I decided to look for a vending machine.

Well, I was just sick, but apparently "Fried potato vending machineMeans that more than a dozen have been installed, mainly in Nobeoka and Hyuga. I guess it's close to the current location of Sugu … Alright, I ’m gonna go!

・ Agriculture fortune potato vending machine

I arrived in front of “Universal Home Aeon Town Hyuga” after the store closed. The yellow "baked potato vending machine" was conspicuous even from afar. anything "First appearance in Kyushu!I wonder if you can buy it or can you really buy roasted potatoes at a vending machine? The tension goes up!

The product lineup includes the sticky "Haru Haruka [hot / cold]" and the thick moist "Anaimo [cold]". It seems that they sell one to three types depending on the season. And, I wanted to throw away Anno potatoes too, but it was coldHokuhoku's Crimson Haruka[300 yen].

Just put in the money and press the button .. Then, a special can dropped like a vending machine. Since the can is "return required",Let's take out the roasted potato on the spot.

Pull out the paper bag containing the baked sweet potatoes …

WarmHe came out!

On the bag is the word "Noh Fuku". “Baked in cooperation with agriculture and welfareIn fact, the people who make the roasted potatoes are the staff of the Medaka Family Group, a employment support facility for people with disabilities. Vending machines were born with the intention of making wages for people with disabilities the best in Japan. Great.

・ Melting texture

By the way, in the paper bag, there are two baked sweet potatoes in a vacuum pack. By making everything a vacuum pack,Long-term storage and increased sugar contentIt seems. It looks a bit weird, but it would be fine if it tastes good.

Take it out of the vacuum pack,Every skinI will.

Oh, after all …! As expected, a natural sweet. The honey is sweet and the soggy texture is too high. It was the perfect choice for a dessert after dinner. Because it was a little small, I ate two consecutive pacakaku. It was a feast with great satisfaction.

Even so, it is a nice idea to be able to easily buy roasted potatoes at vending machines. The more you sell, the more it will be reflected in the wages of people with disabilities, so if you have the opportunity, please buy and eat. The reporter said,Cold roasted sweet potatoI want to eat.

Reference links:Nofuku Yaki Potato Vending Machine

Report:Masanori Sunako

Photo: RocketNews24.

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