Discussions such as selection of judo Olympics representatives will be held online on May 15

The Executive Committee and the Strengthening Committee of the All Japan Judo Federation, which discusses the treatment of judo Tokyo Olympic athletes and the selection method for the 66 kg class of men whose only representative has not been decided, may be held at an internet conference on May 15 I understood on the 25th.

Originally scheduled for April 15, it was postponed due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus outbreak of 19 executives and employees.

By the end of February, the judo Olympics representatives have been decided by 13 classes of men and women, and there are concerns from the scene that they should promptly judge whether or not to retain the representative right. The 66 kg men's class, where new and old world champions Shiro Maruyama [Miki House] and Aizo Abe [Park 24] compete, will postpone the All Japan Selection Weight Championship at the final selection meeting on April 4 and 5 There is no prospect.

The board of directors, which will be held after both meetings, will be the place for official decisions. [Joint]

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