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Disney+ Unlimited viewing of Mandalorian backstage, Anna Snow 2 and Fireball. The app remains the same-Engadget Japan version

Disney's video service Disney+ has finally started distribution in Japan.

If you have subscribed to the Disney DELUXE service for domestic use, the icon will change to "Disney+" and you will be able to use the service simply by updating the viewing app Disney Theater.


The price is 700 yen per month (excluding tax). The fact that you can enjoy movies and series of Disney brands, Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic for unlimited viewing is the same.


The content will increase as soon as it switches to Disney+, and "Ana and the Snow Queen 2" and "Toy Story 4", which were just released last year, will also be available for the first time in the unlimited viewing service.

Original content of Disney Plus exclusive, live-action reboot version "Wanwan Monogatari", Star Wars' first live-action drama "Mandalorian" documentary behind the scenes of production "Disney gallery / Star Wars: Mandalorian", Pixar's Many short stories.

You can also see all of the Japanese CG animation "Fireball Humorous" broadcasted on Disney's satellite station Dlife, which has ended service, along with the series of video works.


On the other hand, even if the service name is switched to Disney+, it is still a unique system in Japan that requires docomo's d account and Disney's Disney account. The name and icon of the app have also changed, and it is a different app from Disney+, which is being deployed overseas.

For example, even if you open the details of a live-action movie, only the voice actor names in Japanese dubbing will be lined up, and you will not know the name of the actor who played the shock specification remains the same. Even if you can use the character name for the search, it does not hit the actor name or director properly.

(It can be found only if it happens to be included in the summary text of the dubbed Japanese version.Although almost all the Marvel work is for sale, and the MCU is also complete except for some rights affairs, the search says "Robert Downey (Jr" and "Mark Ruffalo" are all zero. Star Wars has all the works, but "Mark Hamil" hits only the documentary dubbed by himself.)

Even if you can download it, the expiration date that can be seen after dropping is strangely short, and you must carefully plan the download timing.

As a service that allows you to enjoy a wide lineup, you can expect the progress of apps and service specifications so that users other than watching dubbed Disney animations can use it at least as much as the video distribution services of other companies.

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