Disney's holiday extension, opening of areas under development decided after resumption

Oriental Land announced that it will extend the temporary closing period of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea in response to the extension of the emergency declaration by the new coronavirus on the 8th.

On the company's official website, "Oriental Land Co., Ltd. will extend the temporary closure period of both parks due to the situation of new coronavirus infection and requests from the government and local governments. Also, from February 29th, there will be temporary closure for more than 2 months. Based on what is going on, we will take temporary leave for employees and voluntarily return executive compensation as part of measures to help maintain employment. "

Regarding the reopening time of both parks, "We will determine the reopening time when the government and local governments have requested the suspension of business, and will inform you again. Regarding the opening time of Tokyo Disneyland large-scale development area, We will look at the situation and make a decision. "

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