Disney's masterpiece movie “ Bambi '' is live-action, script and production company also revealed


Disney's masterpiece movie “ Bambi '' is live-action, script and production company also revealed

Disney's animated movie released in 1942Bambi"Is planned to be a live-action movie,Hollywood ReporterReports

'Bambi' Remake in the Works (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter

Disney said in 2019 thatThe Lion King"Or"AladdinLive-action versions of works such asExcellent box office performanceIs stored. Disney plans to live-action past animations with modern, state-of-the-art technology, with the next target being "Bambi" released in 1942.

The movie "Bambi"Felix SartenThis work was released in the United States in 1942 and in Japan in 1951. By arranging multiple cell images at different positions and moving them at different speeds, a cell animation shooting camera that can create an effect that expresses three-dimensional depth that is difficult to express with two-dimensional pictures “Multi-plane cameraIs one of the movies shot using

According to the information that Hollywood Reporter independently obtained, the script for the live-action version of Bambi was "Captain marvel"ofGeneva Robertson-D WalletWhen,"Chaos walkingLindsey Behr.

The production companyPaul WeitzWhenChris WeitzBrothers are movie producersAndrew MianoOf a movie studio launched withDepth of FieldSeems to be in charge.

According to the person who leaked information to Hollywood Reporter, Depth of Field replaced the live-action version of Bambi with a live-action version of "Jungle Book"And a live-action version of the Lion King. The live-action version of the jungle book is a work that makes full use of many CG techniques, and the live-action version of Lion KingOne sceneExcept for the work created in full CG. Therefore, it can be seen that CG will be used in many scenes in the live-action version Bambi.

“ Lion King '' MovieNEX trailer-YouTube

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In addition, Disney is planning to live-action several past masterpiece animation films in addition to Bambi. "The little mermaidIn the live-action version of “ Harry Bailey, a black singer has been selected as the main character Ariel,Peter PanThe live-action version of "Pete and the secret friend"ofDavid LowryWill be the director. Also,"PinocchioHollywood Reporter reports that a live-action version of "is planned, and the Depth of Field is already involved in the production.

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