Divorce of Abilu Yu and Saiga Shiemon is divorced, “ Screaming support '' topic

On the 13th, it turned out that talent actor Yuru [33] and martial artist Saiga Kiemon [30] were divorced. Approved by Abil's office.

The two met in the fall of 2013, then met again at a dinner party through an acquaintance and started dating. Married in September 2014. In May 2015, Abil gave birth to the first child girl. At the beginning of the wedding interview, they are “loved marriage”, but Saiga is “love marriage”. At the time of Saiga's participation in RIZIN, the appearance of support while screaming on the ringside became a hot topic.

However, in October 2005, the alleged affair that Saiga stayed at a beautiful model house was reported, and Abil did not visit RIZIN at the end of the year.

Submit a divorce report on 4 December. There is no consolation fee, and the eldest daughter has custody.

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