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DJI, “Osmo” and “Mavic Mini” win the campaign

On December 6th, DJI announced that it will hold a campaign “Osmo Pocket?” And a set of small drone “Mavic Mini”, “What is Ozmo? The application period is from December 6 to January 31, 2020, and the winner will be announced on February 5.

  • Osmo Pocket, Mavic Mini, and other campaigns to win a lottery campaign “Which Ozmo would you like?” Began

This campaign was started with the aim of getting people to know the fun of video shooting using the “Osmo” series. In order to convey the charm of the “Osmo” series, which allows you to shoot with less camera shake, we will present a set with a small drone “Mavic Mini” to three people by lottery. The gift items are as follows.

  • EVERYDAY SET [Osmo Pocket + Mavic Mini]: 1 person
  • ACTIVE SET [Osmo Action + Mavic Mini]: 1 person
  • MOBILE SET [Osmo Mobile 3 + Mavic Mini]: 1 person

EVERYDAY SET's “Osmo Pocket” is a compact handy camera with a 3-axis stabilizer. ACTIVE SET's “Osmo Action” is a dual-screen action cam that can be used for selfie photography. MOBILE SET's “Osmo Mobile 3” is a stabilizer for smartphones with a 3-axis gimbal. The "Mavic Mini" that comes with each set is a small drone released in November.

  • Compact handy camera “Osmo Pocket” equipped with 3-axis stabilizer

  • A small drone “ Mavic Mini '' that can fly without troublesome procedures

To apply, simply access the campaign site, press the “Apply” button, and select “Osmo” that matches your style. When applying, you will need to enter your name and email address.

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