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DJI spring sale, gimbal camera "Osmo Pocket" discounted 8,690 yen

DJI JAPAN has announced that it will launch a limited-time sale "SPRING SALE" from March 12. You can purchase about 20% off current models, such as the gimbal-equipped small video camera "Osmo Pocket". DJI products are usually an opportunity because they are usually sold at essentially no discount. Not only on DJI's direct sales site, but also on mass retailers such as Yodobashi Camera and Bic Camera, prices have been reduced to the same level.

  • Gimbal-equipped small video camera "Osmo Pocket" is also available at a special price

The products and prices covered by the sale are as follows. The sale period is from March 12 to the entire April 12.

product name Sale price Discount amount
Osmo Pocket 36,960 yen 8,690 yen
Osmo Action 36,960 yen 8,690 yen
Osmo Mobile 3 12,540 yen 1,210 yen
Osmo Mobile 3 combo 13,530 yen 2,420 yen
Ronin-S 85,140 yen 9,350 yen
Ronin-SC 58,960 yen 4,290 yen
Tello 11,660 yen 1,320 yen
Tello Boost Combo 17,380 yen 1,870 yen
RoboMaster S1 60,720 yen 5,280 yen
  • Osmo Action, a unique action cam with screens before and after the main unit

At the same time, a special site “ Publishing videos that can learn the tips of Vlog shooting and editingToday is a story.]Has been released. Contains lots of useful information for video beginners.

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