Djokovic wins Australian championship "losing" in 4 hours fight

The first round of the 4th tennis tournament, the final day of the Australian Open, will be held in Melbourne on the 2nd in the men's singles final, where Novak Djokovic [32 = Serbia] will challenge the world championship for the first time in the world 5 He beat Dominique Thiem [26 = Austria] in a 6-4, 4-6, 2-6, 6-3, 6-4 reversal, winning his eighth consecutive victory for the second consecutive year. The 17th victory in the four major tournaments was won with a winning prize of A $ 4.12 million [about 300 million yen]. The world rank returns to the first place.

It was Djokovic who won the battle for just four hours.

"Today was a really tough match. I might have lost. I respect Thiem."

As the words suggest, it was a tough game. Lost set is 1 in 6 games until the final. The energy saving was achieved, and the middle two days after the semi-finals were well rested. However, on this day, there were occasions where the referee complained in the second set and complained to the referee that he was unable to concentrate.

The second and third sets were robbed and reversed, but from there the true value came. Make use of your experience over many shambles and switch your mind. After regaining the rhythm in the 4th set and regaining 6-3, the final set was again accurate, sharp shots, and continuous retakes. He recovered himself from the crisis of absolute extinction, and won the 17th title of the 4th tournament.

In the interview with the winner, the Australian wildfire, former NBA star and friend Kobe Bryant, died, calling for "Everybody to unite and move forward."

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