DMM GAMES "Namamida Buddha! -Rendai UTENA-]Army Toshiakio (CV: Shin Furukawa) & Kyo Samaakio (CV: Takehito Sugawara) new character release commemoration! Signing colored paper present campaign underway!

An official release has been received from the joint company DMM GAMES.
(Press release)

The joint company, DMM GAMES, said, “Namamida Buddha! -"Hasudai UTENA-" "Official Twitter," Taidai King's 2nd public commemoration! Signed colored paper gift campaign "has started.

Namida Amida Buddha! -Rendai UTENA-

"The 5th Great King's 2nd anniversary commemoration! Signed colored paper gift campaign" has started!

12/13 (Friday) officially released, the new characters "Moryo Toriakio" & "Kyoku Samaakio".
In commemoration of the exhibition, “Namamida Buddha! -Rentai UTENA-]On Twitter, a free gift signing campaign featuring a voice actor's autographed colored paper will be launched!

<Present contents>
A free hand-drawn autographed colored paper from the following game actors will be given to each person in the drawing.
・ Gunri Myoou role: Shin Furukawa
・ Mr. Usu Samaakio: Takehito Sugawara

<Application method>
1. “Namamida Buddha! -Follow the official Twitter account (@namuamiutena_PR)
2. Retweet campaign tweets

<Campaign period>
Until December 27, 2019 (Friday) 12:00

Click here for details

We look forward to your participation.

▼ Toriaki Wang (CV: Shin Furukawa)
Namida Amida Buddha! -Rendai UTENA-
Namida Amida Buddha! -Rendai UTENA-

One of the five great kings.
It is an incarnation of Hosei Nyorai and has the meaning of "a thing that wraps around a tuna".
I always enjoy taking my opponent as a beanbag with a seemingly frivolous attitude.
You don't have to do anything other than yourself and Hosei Nyorai, and behave freely.

▼ Sakuyo Sakuyo (CV: Takehito Sugawara)
Namida Amida Buddha! -Rendai UTENA-
Namida Amida Buddha! -Rendai UTENA-

One of the five great kings.
It is an incarnation of non-empty fulfillment and is believed to be “the god who purifies the toilet”.
Talking-loving and easy-going, with a brilliant personality
It is noisy for cleaning, and if you see the dirt, it will be cleaned without patience.

Namida Amida Buddha! -Rendai UTENA-

2 will be implemented in the game soon! looking forward to!
The latest information will also be released on official Twitter. Follow and get information quickly!

▼ “Namamida Buddha! -Lotusdai UTENA- ”Official Twitter is here

■ Click here for download and gameplay!
Namida Amida Buddha! -Rendai UTENA-



DMM GAMES PC browser:


■ Looking for official LINE @ friends!
The official LINE @ is distributing a monthly wallpaper calendar. Click here for December calendar sample!
Namida Amida Buddha! -Rendai UTENA-

We look forward to your registration.
▼ “Namamida Buddha! -Hasudai UTENA- ”Official LINE @ is here

LINE ID: @ amf5379s

■ "Namamida Buddha! What is -Rendai UTENA-
A full-fledged battle RPG depicting the battle of the Buddha who has come down to the present day to purify the annoyance that threatens people's peace.
Even those who are not familiar with Buddhism, such as “Fudo Myoo” and “Shakyaku Nyorai”, have appeared Buddha who have heard of them once.
The player becomes the “Domori” of “Bonnouji”, the base of Buddha's modern base, and helps to drop the drowning received in daily work and battles.

■ Cast
Underwater Masaaki / Maeno Tomoaki / Suzuki Tatsuo / Sugawara Tetsuya / Kobayashi Yusuke / Hirakawa Daisuke / Morikubo Shotaro / Matsuoka Satoshi / Kijima Ryuichi / Horie Shun / Yashiro Takuma / Uchida Yuma / Tenguhei / Taniyama Kisho / Kasai Kengo / Junichi Suwabe / Kenichi Suwamura / Souma Saito / Takehito Sakakibara / Haruki Ishiya / Kotaro Nishiyama / Shin Furukawa / Ko Komada / Yuki Inoue / Rikuya Yasuda / Chiharu Ichikawa Castle / Junichi Murakami / Junichi Toki / Yoshiki Nakajima / Daiki Kobayashi / Kentaro Kumagai / Ryo Tsuchida / Kyoichi Toki / Shoya Chiba / Yukihiro Nozuyama / Yoshihiro Tadokoro / Yasuto Saka / Daiki Yamashita / Takeo Otsuka / Yu Kawada / Yusuke Fukamachi / Hiroshima Sakai
Character information other than those listed is also available on the official website!
▼ Product overview
Title: “Namamida Buddha! -Rendai UTENA-
Platform: DMM GAMES / DMM GAMES Store / App Store / Google Play
Rights notation: © DMM GAMES / Visualworks
▼ “Namamida Buddha! -Rendai UTENA- Official Site
▼ “Namamida Buddha! -Rusai UTENA- "anime version teaser site
Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

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