“ DNA computer that can calculate square root up to 900 using DNA '' is developed


“ DNA computer that can calculate square root up to 900 using DNA '' is developed

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DNA computerIs composed of four types of basesDeoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)The calculation is performed in a test tube using a computer.computeris. America·Rochester UniversityThe research team of up to 900square rootReported that he has developed a DNA computer that can calculate

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A DNA computer is a complex in which the bases that make up DNA bind complementarily with a combination of adenine (A) and thymine (T), and guanine (G) and cytosine (C).HybridizationA computer using. The first computer scientist to come up with a DNA computer was an American computer scientistLeonard EdelmanMr.

Edelman said,Molecular biology of genesWhile reading, I realized the similarity between computer and DNA, and in 1994,Molecular computation of solutions to combinatorial problems”Was published. The idea of ​​DNA computers has come to be known to the world.

Research on DNA computers has continued since then, but even more than 20 years after the first paper, complex mathematical operations could not be realized with DNA computers. For example, calculating a square root requires a 10-bit logic circuit that can process a 4-bit binary number, but the existing DNA computer system could not demonstrate that much processing power.

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Meanwhile, Rochester UniversityChunlei GuoHis research team reported that he has developed a DNA computer that uses 32 strands of DNA to store and process information. "We designed the DNA sequence and programmed the DNA strand displacement reaction to achieve square root calculations up to 900," Guo says.

The DNA computer devised by Guo's research team first encodes up to 900 numerical values ​​in DNA and associates the color of the fluorescent marker with each numerical value. And the calculation of the square rootLogic gateWhen processed via, it seems that the overall fluorescence signal is changed according to the original number, and the calculation result is output as a color.

Moore's lawButCrumblingIn recent years, the development of DNA computers that are more than 10 times smaller than existing transistors is expected to have future development. "DNA computers are still in their infancy, but they have great potential in solving problems that today's silicon-based computers can't handle," Guo said.

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