Do Maasai know their blood type? Masai Communication: No. 349

spa!マ The last Masai communication this month isRequest boxI want to answer the question that arrives at The main question was "Botan". The question is …

"I think most people in Japan know their blood type, but I don't know their blood type!Do Maasai know their blood type?"

Good question. Let me answer if I know my blood type. I am……

B type.

Hahaaaaaaa!Know~!く ら い About my blood type. What type did you think? By the way, go [hatori] seems to be A type.

So, I'd like to briefly explain how we know the blood type.

You know we're giving birth at home, don't you?じ ゃ Not a hospital. home. For details, see the previous article "Where do Maasai women give birth to babies?See. So when you are born, you don't know your blood type.

But,About a month after I was born, when I'm calm, take me to a town hospitalNo. To see your health. At that time, get your blood type checked. Do you understand? I'm B. Did you have the same person? Oreseri!

Report:Luke [Masai]

Super translation:GO Hatori

Photo: RocketNews24.

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