Do people with no savings need to get insurance?

◆ What do you do if you have no savings and can't pay insurance?
Joining a life insurance company's insurance is voluntary and you don't have to.

However, even if you think that it is better to join in order not to be in trouble, there may be some people who have not joined because they have no savings and can not pay insurance premiums. For such a person, I tried to summarize the point of view about insurance for those who have no savings.

◆ It costs money if you get sick or injured
Younger people are less likely to get ill, but many people get injured in sports. The public health insurance may pay 30% of the cost of treatment, but there are many cases where you pay the full amount, including the difference in bed and transportation costs, other than the treatment cost.

For example, what if you commute by taxi every day without a broken train? If it costs 2000 yen per day, it will be 40,000 yen in 20 days.

If you pay 10,000 yen per day when you are hospitalized, the cost will be 200,000 yen in 20 days. There are high-cost medical treatment systems, but anyway, if you get sick or injured, it will cost you a lot of money, so it will be difficult if you don't have any savings.

Do you want to pay someone for treatment when I get sick or injured? If it is difficult, you will give up treatment.

◆ We want to rely on insurance because we have little savings
In the unlikely event of illness or injury, life insurance is not necessary. If you have enough savings to cover the living expenses and medical expenses of a temporary survivor, you will not be in trouble.

So what should people with zero savings do?

Please do your best to save enough money from now on.

That said, if you can do that, it's hard to think of zero savings. Even if it can be saved, it will take considerable time.

Insurance can ensure the necessary security immediately if you pay the insurance premium. People who have zero savings want to rely on insurance so that their families and themselves are not in trouble.

◆ Security can be secured even with a monthly charge of 2000 yen
If you take life insurance, you may be charged tens of thousands of premiums every month, and some of you think it is a waste because it is abandoned.

There are a lot of insurance companies, mutual aid, small-term short-term insurance, etc. in Japan, but it is not necessary if the insurance premium is heavy and the savings become zero, and a certain amount of security is secured even at a monthly charge of about 2000 yen It is possible enough to do. If it is about 2000 yen, it should be somehow saved.

You don't get fire insurance because it doesn't cause a fire!

Don't get car insurance because it won't cause an accident!

I won't get life [death] insurance because I won't die!

I don't get life [medical] insurance because I don't get sick or injured

Everything is a scary way of thinking. You will be worried about your surroundings. For family and friends, let's prepare for peace of mind by making good use of insurance.

Sentence = Kenji Matsuura [Money Guide]
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