Do trial readings and buyer reviews affect eBook purchase rates?

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Do trial readings and buyer reviews affect eBook purchase rates?

By Pinho.

When purchasing an e-book, previews, such as trial readings, and customer reviews are important pieces of information to make a purchase decision. Associate Professor Angela Che, who studies digital content marketing at Florida State University, is studying how previews and reviews of e-books have affected the actual purchase rate.

Likelihood of e-book purchases increase 31% by combining previews and reviews

Associate Professor Choe and his colleagues examined the impact of previews and reviews on e-book purchasesthe studyAccording to the report, both previews and reviews have the greatest impact on eBook purchase rates.

Choi and colleagues gathered data on approximately two months of consumer access to previews and reviews, and collected more than 270,000sessionWas analyzed.

If both a preview and a review were included in an e-book for sale, the purchase rate increased by approximately 31% compared to an e-book that did not have both. If only previews or only reviews are posted, the increase in purchase rate is 7-17%, which is lower than with both.

By Olivier_Le_Moal

A preview is a source of information that gives you a direct experience by knowing the contents of a book, and a review is a source of information that gives you an indirect experience through the experiences of others. "Balancing direct and indirect product experiences is an important strategic issue," said Choi.

"Reviews in e-books,trafficIs an important resource to promote and increase sales, "said Choi. anotherthe studyFound that reviews that were "slightly lower than best but positive" tended to be more engaging.

Stars on review sites tend to be most motivated by the degree of “ not the highest rating but positive ''-gigazine

By Lukas Koster

“ Online reviews also include fake reviews and deliberate manipulation of ratings, which plagues many markets, '' said Choi, stating the importance of reviews. I am. actually,Give a bribe to write a highly rated fake reviewExamples andPoor fake reviews are prevalent as harassers of the authorThere are a number of issues with the reliability of reviews, such as, and there are still many challenges to posting only fair reviews.

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