Do you become a person lacking compassion and empathy when you have power?


Do you become a person lacking compassion and empathy when you have power?

Many subordinates at companies and organizations are frustrated with their bosses and leaders, and some complain that their boss does not have the ability to compassion and understand others. For reasons why bosses and leaders often seem to lack empathy,Nottingham Trent UniversityInstructor atSuzanne RossHe explains.

Think you'll make a great boss? Research shows that power can corrupt

For the leaders of companies and organizations that have powerful power and sometimes also affect politics, there is a persistent concern that “ if power is used unethically, it can cause irreparable problems '' To do. Ross calls for a decentralized and ethical approach to curbing leadership. For example, organizations tend to want to operate an organization with multiple leaders of varying powers, rather than being run by a small number of leaders with strong powers. The hurdles of honesty, humility, fairness, empathy, intelligence and responsibility are also rising.

Nevertheless, sometimes leaders make ethically problematic decisions, which can have serious consequences for employees and society as a whole. There is also the idea that "having power does not change a person, but having power reveals the nature of the person." However, the relationship between power and morality is complex, and some research has It says that "the magnitude of power changes human behavior".

For example, in 2019the studyThe experiments conducted at showed that those who followed more subordinates were less likely to adopt moral ideas and less concerned about the well-being of others than those who had less subordinates. Also, the brain activity of a person who took a certain action and the person who saw that action are similar.Motor resonanceAnd the relationship between power and powerthe studyIt has been found that people with strong power have a lower degree of motor resonance than people with weak power.

While it has been shown that losing morality and empathy by having power, the moral identity of individuals can affect the behavior of having power.research resultThere is also. Use power ethically if you balance the "authority and influence" gained by becoming a leader with your "attitudes such as empathy, honesty and humility". It is also possible.

Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at Cambridge UniversitySimon Baron-CohenHe studies the link between empathy and cruelty to others, and explores the question, "Why do some people behave immorally with a lack of empathy?" did. As a result, when some factors such as beliefs, experiences, goals, and emotions overlap, people turned off empathy for others and pursued their own interests.

Based on Baron-Cohen's belief, Ross said, "As leaders need to focus on achieving and achieving goals and focusing on financial performance, increasing levels of stress will increase conscience. Even those who do have the potential to lose empathy. " When they are in a position where they are urged to produce results, they tend to be unable to consider the people around them and tend to behave without empathy.

In recent years, technology companies with huge power have emerged, and the eyes of leaders on ethics, morals, and empathy have become severe. However, the behavior of a leader affects not only his or her own qualities, but also what is required of the leader, and in some cases, “ subordinates overlook leaders' unethical behavior for their own benefit. '' And that. "Sure, power can be corrupt, but if we want to create truly empathetic leaders, we all have to omit our actions," says Ross. Said.

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