Do you know the luxury of ordering "Chinese Chimaki at 551 Horai"? Now you can buy "pork man" and "gyoza" in Tokyo, but …

The presence of “pork man” in 551 Horai is too great. If you explain it to people outside the Kansai area, can you say that it is equal to or better than Kyrona, the Portuguese national team, and Salah, the Egyptian national team? After all,Absolute ace that does not fit in the word “absolute ace”It is.

Because of such super sign products reigning, other products tend to be sold through at 551 Horai. Even the shoyu is delicious,GyozaBecause it is delicious. And …

My personal favorite isChinese ChimakiIt is. Did you know that 551 Horai deals?当然 Some of you may know of course,PopsicleThe name recognition is inferior compared to. … So I want to introduce.

・ Price is twice that of pork bun

First, the price. 551 Horai Chinese ChimakiOne 380 yen (tax included)It is. Considering that two absolute ace pork buns are 380 yen including tax, that is, 190 yen each,Chimaki is twice the size of pork bunIt turns out that. So the size is bigger …. Honestly, that's not true.

Pork man is higher in weight. I can't deny the impression that it looks a bit smaller than the pork bun. As a whole feeling of size,Convenience rice ballsIs it easy to understand?

However, the ingredients of Chimaki have a presence that is incomparable to the ingredients of convenience store rice balls. As for the proportion of ingredients in the whole, Chimaki will be clearly higher.

The ingredients are basically three patterns. The prices are the same for "pork & chestnut", "chicken & quail" and "seafood". Eating is the same, or use a steamer or a steamer or rentin. See the instructions for details.

And the taste is … this is going to be subjective by all means,"The Chikamaki, the Royal Road"It is. I can not say the fragrance, it is plump. It's the same as a pork bun in that once you eat it, you'll wonder if you want to eat it again.

If there is a big difference from buying pork buns,"Prepared"I wonder. As I mentioned earlier, it is twice as big as a pork bun, so it is not something you buy. Above all, pork sauce is delicious enough. While understanding this, it is luxurious to dare order Chinese Chimaki.

・ Now you can buy it in Shinjuku …

By the way, the store of 551 Horai is only in Kansai. Among them,It is limited that you can buy freshly-made hot Chinese food. When I asked 551 Horai, in the Shin-Osaka area, it was “Shin-Osaka Chuoguchi Store” and “Station Marche Shin-Osaka Store”. In the Namba area, there are "Nankai Namba Station Store" and "Ebisubashi Main Store".

There are many stores that do not sell Chinese Chimaki. According to the shop owners, some shops sell only the condition before warming. The early story,"Chinese Chimaki" is quite rare even in Kansai, home of 551 HoraiThat means. At least, it's not as easy to buy as pig stock.

It is currently (as of February 27, 2020)In fact, you can also buy it at Odakyu Department Store in Shinjuku.

Because if you look at the event information on the official homepage …

Lily of the valley Maebashi February 19 (Wed)-February 24 (Mon) 2020
Shinjuku Odakyu: February 26 (Wed)-March 2 (Mon), 2020
Hiroshima Fukuya 木 March 5 (Thu)-March 10 (Tue) 2020
Keio Shinjuku 木 March 5 (Thu)-March 10 (Tue) 2020

Yes, 551 Horai is opening a store for a limited time at an event …But!の As you know, the new coronavirus is now rampant. It's not clear whether the opening of 551 Horai will go on schedule the other day, as the government has requested a nation-wide ban on events.

Above all, there will be many people who want to avoid going to places with a lot of people like Shinjuku given the current situation. Please be relieved.You can buy Chinese Chimaki by mail order. You can taste it without leaving the house.

Also,You can buy pigs by mail orderI will also describe this. Because 551 Horai has a strong Kansai-only image, isn't there a lot of people who didn't have the idea of ​​mail order?

Actually, this is the case. I have been eating 551 Horai pork buns for over 30 years, but I did not know until now. I thought it was a reward that I could eat only when I returned to my parents' home (Kansai).

that isToo regrettableSo, I wrote the article with Chinese Chimaki. It's a shame that the title boasts, "Do you know luxury?" Please forgive me.

Reference link: 551 Horai"Chinese Chimaki" "online shop"NHK

Report:Yuichiro Kazusa

Photo: RocketNews24.

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