Do you know the name Masahiro Yamamoto?ア ド Advansany and Masahiro Yamamoto, who played in the All Japan Gymkhana Championship 1

Do you know the name Masahiro Yamamoto?

駆 Driving in the B310 Advan Sunny, introduced this time, won the D-Class championship of the All Japan Gymkhana Championship in 1986. He is a professional driver who has won 11 crowns in a player career of over 20 years.

本 Yamamoto was born on July 17, 1996 as the third son of the Yamamoto family in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture. When I was in elementary school, I remember the video that came from a black and white TV at home. Drivers such as Shigeteru Asaoka and Toru Ikusawa, who have heard their names many times in the early days of domestic motor sports such as the Japanese GP. It is a picture of "Jimkhana" that they put a pylon in the parking lot of Oiso Long Beach and run around by car.

I just remember that there's such a thing, "says Yamamoto.

後 After obtaining a driver's license, he transferred Gemini from his brother. Yamamoto, who was very defeated, participated in the rally as expected in Gemini. However, there are only TE27 Levin & Trueno and B110 Sunny with twin cam engines with Solex and Weber. Rally competitions using public roads were strictly restricted in the extent of remodeling, partly due to scrutineering.
If you wanted to ride a cool car, there was only a modified car with a lower number. The only place I could run was gym gymnas and dirt trials in closed [non-public roads]. "

Yamamoto was a professional gymkhana driver. The photo was used in advertising for Nagai Electronics at that time. Ⓒ Nagai Electronic Inst. Co., Ltd.

ド ラ イ ブ Drive a car that you have maintained yourself. Yamamoto began to steadily achieve results at Gymkhana as he was covered in sweat and oil. The Gemini was a race car that struggled with speed, and the Yokohama Tire sponsored it, leaving the body in the red and black Advan color, the image color. But the power difference that can not be filled with rivals. Is there a way to run the course well?
At that time, Yamamoto was always asking himself. In 1982, he won the first All-Japan Champion he had ever dreamed of. We decide to switch to B310 Sunny with one break.

も I chose 310 Sunny because I wanted to get on a new car. The 110 Sunny was a racing car, but it was a past car. "Is it still 110? ]Was a strong feeling. When I actually got on the 310, it was fast, compact and easy to handle. Anyway, the desire to ride this guy 100% was stronger. "

ド ラ イ Driving technology cultivated in Gemini. As soon as the power difference with the rivals disappeared, the enemy disappeared. Wins consecutive streak in Kanto area. I was confident enough not to lose at all but to say, "If I want to beat me, I'll run four [edit: usually run twice]."

戦 All-Japan match at the Suzuka Circuit in 1983 with full of spirit. However, Yamamoto's Sunny stopped during the practice run the day before the final. At that time, a stranger talked to the paddock.

"What's the matter?"
"I'll skip the flywheel."
"Okay, get on."

After a short conversation, they went around the car shop in Suzuka and searched for parts. That man was Masaaki Nakaya, a lifelong rival in Yamamoto's gymkhana life.

"I thought that Nakaya couldn't be as good as a human or a driver. I'm running in the same D-class. Even so, I can have such a pleasant head-to-head game."

中 Nakaya won the All Japan D-Class Champion of the year. Yamamoto finished fifth.

The following year, 1984, he gave up participating in the All Japan Championship for private reasons. Yamamoto, who left a blank for one year, will resurrect in 1985. Of course, the game in the Kanto area passed at the top. Then he advanced the piece to Sportsland SUGO, the venue for the All Japan game.

Nostalgic Hero Vol.145 June 2011 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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