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"Do you paint your nails?" Become a nail that can be praised by your boyfriend-Nail "BB cream" that moisturizes, repairs, and colors come true with one

Nail foundation is popular because it looks natural even in workplaces and schools where nail standards are strict. Twitter is talking about ORLY's "BB cream" which Oimo (@sssrrr_csm) introduces.

  • ORLY's "BB cream". The color is like a gray and beige,

    ORLY's "BB cream". The color is a "tope" that is like a combination of gray and beige.

Natural nails that are praised by my boyfriend as saying, "Is it painted on your nails ?? Nails that look natural on your nails are nice.

Oimo's favorite points are "natural and familiar with the skin, making his hands look beautiful" and "covering the vertical streaks of the nails neatly". He also likes the fact that the brush is thick and easy to apply and dries quickly so that it can be applied quickly even when busy.

  • ORLY `` BB cream '' (tax not included 1,870 yen)

    ORLY “ BB cream '' (tax not included 1,870 yen)

“BB Cream” (1,870 yen excluding tax) is an all-in-one nail treatment. This item corrects the nail tone by filling the unevenness of the nail and smoothing it. It also has the function of moisturizing and protecting nails, and it is also recommended for those who are likely to become dry nails, two nails, and split nails.

The color is available in four colors: pink-beige dull "Blauge", gray-beige dull "Tope", slightly white "Bran" based on white, and natural "nude". With a color lineup that fits in your hand, you can casually enjoy fashion even in offices and workplaces where nails are severe.

  • 4 colors

    4 colors

Salon quality, quick drying, high quality, high quality, this item has been loved by Hollywood stars and designers. The nail has a good grip and looks good for everyday use. Please check it out if you are worried.

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