Do you want to be hated by people, the poorer the better?

◆ Even if your annual income is low, do you think that you are like this?
A "good person" here is a person who is more conscious of others' eyes than necessary, so as not to be disliked by others and to be considered a good person.

Such a good person has a feeling of guilt about making money. That's why I think it's nasty to talk about money and can't make drastic pricing or demanding legitimate considerations.

Even when claiming a price, it is fearful to pay a high price, or to make money by exploiting money from others [from weak people] Try to get a cheap price.

Also, being overly concerned about others 'eyes means giving priority to others' values ​​over their own, which means lower self-esteem. So it's easy to underestimate that you can't do much.

I try to convince myself at a low standard and be satisfied that myself is like this even though my annual income is low. If I couldn't afford an annual income of 10 million yen, I would draw myself from the beginning and give up without challenge.

In other words, it is “myself” that no one else sets my limits. In this way, the reality of salvation, "the poorer the better the better".

◆ What kind of advice do you give to young people who are hiring?
For example, suppose a young third-year college student came to you to find a job. When I talk about it, I am very solid compared to myself at the time. I don't seem to need to come to myself for consultation.

However, he says, "I do not have good grades at a third-rate university, so I can't help applying for such a top-tier company. If it fails, I'd better get another SME from the beginning." When the words come out, how do you answer?

I wouldn't say, "That's right." Rather, I guess, "I don't think so. I think it's worth trying."

And what if you get a response saying, "But it's impossible for me?"

Surely you wouldn't advise, “ I don't set my own limits, '' “ I don't underestimate you, you're very solid, '' “ Don't give up like that from the beginning. '' Do you?

◆ How do I avoid underestimating myself?
Yes, everyone actually knows. It is always myself that sets my limits. You always give up your dreams. You always betray your future.

So here are some spells to escape from underestimating yourself.

"Is it cooler to do miracles yourself than wait for them to happen?"

"A brave person is not a person who does not know fear, but a person who has the breasts to raise his feet forward even if he is scared and scared.

"I'm surprised when the people have accomplished what they say, 'You can't.'"

"There's only one way to look back at those guys who have turned themselves off. That's to succeed."

Why don't you value your values ​​more than you care about your eyes from today?

References: "If you stop good people, your life goes well" [Nippon Jitsugyo Publisher]

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