Docomo and 77 Banks Stop Registering Accounts on “Docomo Account”–Due to Unauthorized Use

On September 7, NTT Docomo and 77 Banks suspended the bank account registration and change of bank accounts of 77 Banks in the wallet service “Docomo Account” provided by DocomoAnnouncementdid.

Docomo account is a wallet service that can be opened with "d account" and password, and you can use the balance for payment by Docomo's cashless payment "d payment" and transfer between wallets [charge from account, Confirmation of identity is required for remittance]. Since it can be opened with a d account, it is a feature that it can be used by users other than DoCoMo.

This suspension of registration was due to an illegal use of 77 bank accounts and docomo accounts reported, and in September, a post saying that hundreds of thousands of yen were withdrawn under the name "docomo koza" was posted on September. It has been reported multiple times since entering the site, and it seems that users who have never used a docomo account have been affected.

After confirming with the DoCoMo public relations department, the 77th bank said that there was an unauthorized withdrawal from the account. A malicious third party who illegally obtained the account number and name of the 77 bank and the personal identification number by a certain method such as a phishing site opened a docomo account account while investigating the method used illegally .. It is said that it is believed that the acquired account information was linked and charged.

In fact, at 77 Bank, we have not confirmed that our system has leaked customer information such as customer account numbers and cash card PINs.Comment on releaseTherefore, it is highly possible that they were victims of phishing by collecting emails, SMS, and websites disguised as 77 Banks.

According to DOCOMO, bank account registration with a DOCOMO account is a specification that jumps to the website of the bank, and what authentication method is used to tie the information conforms to the specifications of the bank. For this reason, 77 Bank has stopped using the "Web debit acceptance service" that is used when registering accounts.

The account registration of 77 Bank has not been decided yet, but if you have already registered your account by September 4, you can continue to use your Docomo account. Although damage to other bank accounts has not been confirmed so far, DoCoMo says it will proceed with security checks and strengthening with other banks.

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