Does Android really have a face recognition function as standard equipment?

Yes, the function called "Smart Lock" installed in Android OS 4 or later includes a face recognition function. Although the use is limited to unlocking, just turn your face to the Android device and the authentication will be completed. It is faster than fingerprint authentication or pattern input, so it's recommended for people who want to unlock as much as possible.

To enable face recognition, open the screen in the order of "Settings" → "Lock screen and security" → "Smart Lock" (the item name may differ slightly depending on the version of the terminal or system), and click "Recognize". Tap the "Surface" item. If you register your face following the instructions on the screen, you can unlock it by pointing your face to the Android device when the lock screen is displayed.

However, this face recognition cannot be said to be perfect, and multiple face pictures must be registered in order to improve the recognition accuracy. If you do not increase the number of face variations, such as in bright or dim places, with or without glasses and mustache, authentication will often fail, so tap the "Recognized faces" item and select "Improve face recognition accuracy". Open and shoot your face in various states.

Faces with a certain percentage hidden cannot be registered, so face recognition with a mask on will not work. As the warning "Face recognition is less secure than patterns, PINs, and passwords" on the screen during registration, it is said that other authentication methods have higher security. It is better to use it carefully, considering that there is a risk that even people with similar faces such as your family will be authenticated.

  • Is it true that Android has a face recognition function as standard?

    Android is not perfect, but it has a face recognition function

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