Does low-power mode sacrifice something?

The problem with using an iPhone is that the battery runs out. You will not be able to receive important calls or emails, nor will you be able to listen to music or enjoy video. In the case of Apple Pay compatible iPhones, the use of electronic money will be hindered, so preventing battery exhaustion is a fundamental part of everyday life.

Low power mode is a feature that saves a lot of power on your iPhone. Depending on how the iPhone is used, there are reports that the battery life has increased to 1.5 times or nearly 2 times, so switching to low power mode when the battery level is not enough can prevent running out of battery .

That doesn't mean, however, that battery life will grow unconditionally. Since the battery capacity is constant in the unit of one day or two days (the maximum capacity decreases in the unit of one year or two years), the power consumption pace by adding restrictions to some functions that consume power And reduce battery life.

In a sense, that limit may be sacrificed. In low-power mode, the operating clock of the SoC is reduced, which reduces computation / drawing performance but reduces the overall power consumption of the system / app. Although there is the inconvenience of not being notified of the arrival of e-mails by push notification, if the communication function is used less frequently, it will save power. The convenience is slightly reduced, such as the inability to use "Hey, Siri", but the worst case of running out of battery can be avoided.

Other disadvantages include the app not being updated in the background, auto-locking set to 30 seconds, iCloud Photos temporarily being suspended, but the battery life is 1.5 times, nearly 2 times You should be convinced if you consider the merit of extension. If you are worried about the battery level, use it aggressively.

  • Does low-power mode sacrifice something?

    There are disadvantages such as lower processing performance in low power mode, but battery life is greatly extended

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