Does not adhere like a mask! "The detachable face shield hat" was the strongest in me / Impression "It looks like a long brim cap"

If you want to express your thoughts quickly, "Personally, this is far more than the mask. However, there are some shortcomingsI was just saying." What I'm talking about is a "removable face shield hat." As the name implies, the face shield part of the vinyl sheet and the hatPutting on and taking off with fastenerIt is a product that can be.

After using this for a whole day,It was really good.. It's so good that I'm thinking of purchasing more and sending it to my parents' house, but I'd like to introduce it in the article.

・About "removable face shield hat"

The "detachable face shield hat" consists of two parts, the face shield part and the hat part. The hanging face shield takes care of splashes, and the hat takes care of direct sunlight.

As you can see from the state when wearing it,The mouth isn't covered like a mask.. This is Miso. Therefore, the area around the mouth is much cooler than when wearing a mask. However, since the front of the face is covered with a face shield,Somewhat hot.. It's not the same feeling as when you wear nothing.

I just wear it, even if I subtract itFar more comfortable than a non-woven type maskwas. It's just a personal experience, but if you compare the comfort at this time, the feeling is as follows.

No mask >>> Face shield hat >>>>>>>> Usual non-woven mask

Of course, this will change depending on the person and mask, and above allIt depends on the seasonI think I felt "a face shield hat" by far because it was especially uncomfortable that the mask stuck to my skin and became sweaty.

As an added bonus, the summer is at its best, and even without a mask, it's a sensation of excitement. There is also a big point that I felt that the “moist feeling” did not change much even if I wore a “removable face shield hat”.

If the same comparison was made in autumn and winter, the "moist feeling" when wearing a "removable face shield hat" might be outstanding, and it might be "a mask is better" after all… .. Conversely speaking,The hotter it getsIn other words, the harder it is to wear a mask,Comfort stands outfeel like.

This time, especially when I was wearing a "face shield hat that I could put on and take off" when there were few people, I went to a park nearby and felt the difference. It was a hot day, but I tried wearing a non-woven type mask for comparison…

Immediate change.. The reason why I decided to switch to the "removable face shield hat" in a few minutes was because there was so much difference. Also, the "detachable face shield hat" protects from direct sunlight just by wearing it. This point is also big.

Then, the heat of the "detachable face shield hat" gradually got used to it. After a while,"It's like wearing a long brim cap."However, the longer I wear the mask, the more sweaty it becomes, and the more discomfort the index becomes.

Another one.If you want to eat rice while wearing it, you can eat itI would like to mention some points.

・Easier to talk and eat than "Speakable-kun"

Speaking of rice while wearing it"Speakable-kun" devised by SaizeriyaAlthough it is new to memory, the "removable face shield hat" is easy to talk and eat.Overwhelmed "Talking Kun"Was.

Actually, I made a handkerchief that looked like "Speakable-kun" and checked it, but it was not a match. There may be various opinions from the viewpoint of etiquette about wearing a hat and eating,Isn't it good if I eat while preventing splashes?To be honest, I thought.

So, the "removable face shield hat" is the strongest for me so far, but I think there are people who suit or not suit it. If it doesn't, don't overdo it. And when wearing Frequent hydrationPlease do not forget.

By the way, I bought this product at Sankorea Mono Shop in Akihabara [1280 yen including tax], but it seems to be available online. If you google it with the "detachable face shield hat", various things will come out, so why not check it out if you are interested.

Reference link:Sankorea Mono Shop

Report:Yuichiro Wazai

Photo: RocketNews24.

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