Does the epilator that Roland doesn't hurt really hurt? Irradiation of the same type of hair removal machine at the highest output to the delicate zone (VIO)

I think Roland is attractive. There is a flower, and the unique quotes can make you laugh. Seriously speaking, it's when it's persuasive. But, however,Right now I (hirazi) is skeptical of his remarksIt is. It is a word about a hair loss salon run by Roland that "is equal to painless."

I have a painful past and have given up on hair loss, so I can't believe it is painless. But I want to believe in Roland!晴 The only way to clear this doubt is to experience it yourself.

・ I asked a hair removal specialist

That's why I went to a hair loss salon epilogue that uses the same type of hair removal machine, not a Roland-like hair removal salon. Mr. Arai, a representative nurse, uses a medical hair removal machine and a beauty hair removal machine,We have performed more than 16,000 treatments so farHe has a background.

hirazi"Is it true that what Roland is saying?"

Arai"That's true. I won't go into detail, but it's much less painful than other hair removal machines. Many people feel warm when irradiating."

hirazi"Hey huh. Roland-sama's words were true!I want to feel the effect, so please use the maximum output!!"

Arai"I understand (do it)"

・ Beard hair removal experience

In addition to Roland-sama, there is a seal of approval from a specialist, so it seems that he can receive the treatment with confidence. Relax when you lie down on the table and put the epilator head on your cheeks. It is said that it gets cold to reduce heat.

Furthermore, after the cold gel is applied to the skin ~

Pi! (Sound of irradiation)

Oh, it doesn't hurt. Painless.

Pi! Pip!

Hahaha, this is absolutely …

Idaaaaaaaaaah! Roland-sama!

Shouldn't it hurt? I guess it was wrong ….


After all it was painful!

hirazi"Huh … huh … You said it didn't hurt?"

Arai"It suddenly hurts at the maximum output (laughs). If you adjust the irradiation level properly, it won't hurt."

hirazi"(If so, stop it.) By the way, are there any people who suddenly lose hair at the maximum output?"

Arai"I'll stop with all my power. By the way, VIO hurts more than the mustache, but why not?"




hirazi"I won't stop"

・ I challenge VIO hair removal

By the way, VIO is around the buttocks from around the important son in the lower body. I usually come to the store after shaving my own hair, but I forgot to completely ignore it. She is shaved around an important place by two men, and is in a half-hearted state. At that point,Heart pain is deeper than hair loss pain.

The cold sweats out of fear, but the man's will and pride get in the way and cannot be pulled back. Oh, son. Maybe eternal farewell. I want to live as a man if I can.



Wow …

Oh, that?く な い Are you not hurt at all?

Pi! Pi! Pi!

It doesn't hurt.

I think …

Come later! Pain !!

Pi! Pip! Pip!

Irradiated while squeezing all parts of the lower body and being dominated by embarrassment and pain, I was bounding on a treatment table. Goodbye son. Goodbye life as a man. ※ Of course my son is safe

・ It doesn't hurt if you do it properly

This time, since the treatment was performed at the maximum output, I was able to taste so much pain,Almost no pain if you perform the operation with the output suitable for that personAnd that. When actually irradiated with the appropriate intensity, it was certainly warm.

In this case, it seems that I who has abandoned the past can continue. That is,Roland did not lie. I'm sorry for doubting Roland. I look forward to the quotes (worship)

Cooperation:Hair Removal Salon Epirage


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