Does the Masai world have "back pain" or "stiff shoulders"? If so, how to cure or prevent it? Masai Communication: No. 344

spa!Perka.Masai warrior Luka who got iPhoneIt is. But I haven't made a full transition to the iPhone yet. I'm thinking of replacing my SIM card after getting used to it. That aside, I got this question in the request box.

Kemo "[omitted]The Maasai people are in good posture, but do you have back pain or stiff shoulders? If so, how are you cured? In addition, can you tell me if there is a preventive method?"

Kemo-san, Asheoren [Thank you]! Let's answer.

First,There are "back pain" and "stiff shoulders" in the Masai world.However, it is the old people who are worried about it. Symptoms unrelated to the younger generation of us [30s]. But I know how to cure. I'll explain it all at once, so read it well.

If you have stiff shoulders or backache,First, catch a goat and make a soup.And next,Search for medicinal herbs called "Ormame" from the bushes. And thatDrink orma bean in goat soup. ThenThree days later he is completely cured……… !!

Tene feeling. In fact, this is the same as how to cure tenosynovitis,I have written in the article beforeYo. In the world of Maasai, whether it's tendonitis, back pain, or stiff shoulders, it's all about goat herbal soup. It's a versatile goat soup.

Lastly, the "prevention method", but this is simply "Walking a long distance every day as much as possible"When"Exercise every dayI can only say. We inevitably walk a great distance every day. So it's free of back pain and stiff shoulders. Oreseri!

Report:Luke [Masai]

Super translation:GO Hatori

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