Does the model not match the model year? The story hidden in one Porsche 911S

Sometimes there are cars that don't exist in the world. In other words, something that "isn't official". A strange story that cannot be ordinary is hidden in such one. And this Porsche 911S of this Bordeaux red which is the main character this time is the one that does not exist. Ferdinand Pieh and Hans Metzger's story was hidden in this Porsche in the showroom of Michael Eiden in Osburg, near the ancient capital of Trier in southern Germany.

"When the previous owner let go of the 911S, it was in desperate condition. So I tried to repair the body and chassis and replace the side panels with spare parts. But for some reason it didn't fit perfectly." Said Aiden before the 1968 911S.

A Porsche specialist from Hunseluc was interested in Aiden's 911 and conducted a detailed survey. The moment he saw the vehicle registration certificate, it became apparent that the 911 was unusual. The vehicle registration number did not follow the usual method.

This 911 was sent to the second owner after being registered as "Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche KG" on May 31, 1968. From 1969 to 1972, it was owned by an engineer, also known as the father of Porsche Engine, Hans Metzger and used for commuting. In 1970, Metsger drove to Le Mans in France with this 911. This is to participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which the Porsche 917 he developed won, as the top of the motor sports category.

It is not widely known that Metsger played an important role in the development of the 911 engine. In 1956, Metsger joined Porsche. Several years later, in the racing division, he worked on the development of a 1.5-liter V8 engine for F1. However, the F1 project ended in 1962. Development of the F1 engine was canceled because a problem was found in the engine developed for the successor model of the 356. Initially, the start of production of the 911, which was called the 901, was at serious risk, and a huge amount of money had already been invested.

“When I joined the development team in 1963, there was a lot of work to do,” recalls Metsger. The most important task given to him at the time was to redesign the valve drive. The experience he cultivated in F1 has been very useful in the development of the 911 engine.

"When the vehicle registration certificate had the name "Hans Metzger", I finally got the right answer," said Michael Aiden. He continued with this 911 study and discovered several interesting results.

The 911 was built in 1968, but with a number of changes introduced from the 1969 specification. The mechanical fuel injector, transistor ignition, ventilated disc brakes, and the biggest change is that the wheelbase has been expanded by 57mm to 2268mm.

"That's why the 1968 body replacement panels didn't fit the suspension around after the repair," explains Aiden. And the reason why it had such a specification was that before the purchase by Metger, this car was a company car of Ferdinand Pieh, who was the head of the development department, and it was used as a preliminary confirmation of the new specification. I was being kidnapped. Therefore, it was a "impossible" one that never matched the specifications with the model year.

1968 Porsche 911S
Engine: 6 cylinder boxer engine
Displacement: 1991cc
Maximum output: 170hp@6800rpm
Maximum speed: 225km/h
Wheelbase: 2268mm

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