Dog Cat Clinic, dogs decrease cats increase veterinarians are an increasing trend in the competition

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and fisheries according to the reporting veterinarian, the number of which has increased, particularly in the small animal clinics do veterinarians increased markedly different. But recent trends as dogs and cats and other small animals medical treatment facilities in the Kanto, Kansai, Chukyo, etc. Metropolitan areas tend to focus on that. Economic Census and other statistics show that the small animal clinical facilities and number of employees tends to increase, or private practice from the corporate to shift as well.

Animal Hospital of the whole 1 per sales is saturated but dogs and cats sales of high growth, and this as the background 1 household pet-related spending increases in household surveys can also be confirmed. Pet Food Association announced dog cat breeding number of changes and the cat 900 million head thereafter to have remained for dog of the year 2008 1310 million head peak in the 18 years 890 million head and has declined significantly.

Yano Economic Research Institute domestic Pets・animal hospital management of the actual situation,the product・manufacturer assessment, needs related to Corporation survey 5 to 7 months to be implemented, and the results of the 6 Day published.

In this study,dogs and cats of medical care number about the increase or decrease trend to an increase・decrease・unchanged three-choice answer from the results,in dogs decreased and answers facilities the percentage of the increase it by about 20 points above on the other hand, cats increased facilities percentage of reduction of it to 20 points above that. Clinical practice in dogs treatment the trend of decline in the cat, the increase of these tend seems.

Regionally, the dog in the Tokyo Prefecture, Ordinance-designated cities,other regions,one region and decrease will increase more than the cat is on the contrary the area regardless of increase is reduced above that. Increase or decrease the difference in the dog in Tokyo,major cities and non-urban areas is the increase or decrease of the difference is large, and non-urban areas in dog care the number of the downward trend is significant as well.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Statistics, Small Animal Medical involved the veterinarian, the number of 10 in 1 million 3404 was a person of 16 years is 1 million 5463 people and 10 years compared to 15. 4%increase,dogs and cats mainly small animal hospitals and veterinarians are an increasing trend only. Also, aging with pet and cancer and chronic diseases is an increasing trend in the treatment and diagnosis of related products and services to the needs of the affected patterns.

The competition now raging,enough management working facilities are a few of The seems. The report”competitive situation will become even more severe and it seems that the location of the facility area and scale by the way we perceive a difference has been noted that”as. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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