Dollar・yen is steady,European shares turn also

*19:14JST the dollar・yen is steady,European shares turn also

The European market in dollar・yen 109 yen 50 銭台’s well. European stock markets turned positive exponent there is a cross-yen is down or not. Received it, the dollar・yen is steady to stand out. On the other hand, the US 10-year bond yield is lower the astringent, the 先安観 continued dollars to buy a gimmick based like.

This trading range, the dollar・yen 109 yen 49 sen from 109 yen 61 sen, the Euro・yen is 121 yen 36 sen from 121 yen 55 sen, the Euro・dollar is 1. 1081 from $ 1. 1089 dollars. 《TY》

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