Domestic 5G market,21 year after the earnest 23-year share 4% greater to

The smartphone has appeared since ten years have passed since the market downturn in the state was on 5G appeared again in the smartphone market is rejuvenated and expected.

5G support services cell phone service China to lead the world in 2020, and provide services planned to start planning ahead 19 spring already in service provision has started, and this suit in the United States and Europe the service will begin in Japan next year 20 years from the late form only.

Market research consultant Fuji Chimera Research Institute 11 months late,7~9 month conducted 5G corresponding to a mobile communication terminal・the mobile phone service market survey results announced.

According to reports,the mobile communication terminal market is the handset enlargement tablet devices and Wi-Fi mobile router is 20 year since the 5G corresponding to the product replacement is proceeding with the expansion are expected.

Market Size Trend of the mobile communication terminal 5G, the corresponding terminal if the ratio of 20 year to 41. 4%,23 fiscal year is 59. 6%is predicted,the tablet has Wi-Fi type including from the object to the hand set and Wi-Fi mobile routers, cellular type of tablet as 23 fiscal 5G ratio is 100% expected.

Cell phone service is hand set, mainly for the expansion is expected to 21 year since the 5G, which is characteristic of ultra-low-latency, large connections for commercial service is initiated by the IoT field is also widely used as expected. Mobile phone service 5G support services ratio for the first year 20 fiscal year 2. 9%and an extremely small number as expected in the following fiscal year 21 after fiscal growth accelerates to 23 in fiscal year its share is 44. 3% and reaching up to the expected.

Office from outside the office network access to remote access services, it operational efficiency-conscious user,server and PC remote management, BCP measures such as the aggressive user adoption is mainstream, but In recent years, ways of working and reform of The such as telework environment with the aim of establishing a demand increase seems to have.

Working towards the reform of the whole society challenges as they capture, and their countermeasures as part of the company regardless of the scale of a remote access service introduction is accelerating as the size of the market, 23-year to 43.4 billion yen, 18 FY 137. 8%reach expected. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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