Domestic and international attention to economic data:BOJ monetary policy for the time being without changing it?

*14:48JST domestic and international attention to economic indicators:BOJ monetary policy for the time being without changing it?
12 month 16 days−20 days per week scheduled to be released in major economic indicators about the prospect of below

■16 (Mon) 11: 45 p.m. will be announced
○(U.S.) 12 June manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI)-expected 52. 8
Reference 11 on the revision value is 52. 6 in the preliminary 52. 2 will be released today. The production index and new orders index were revised upwards. 12 month the production index and New Orders Index on the astringency may be from the overall 11 actuals to the close level before.

■17 (Tue)11: 15 p.m. announcement of the results planned
○(Rice)11 months industrial production-expected growth at+0.8%
Reference to 10 figures are−0.8%in below market expectations was. Automotive division of a significant fall in the whole level, then press and hold. 11 months, automobile production and recovery, and that the communications equipment, equipment for production of recoil increase is to be expected from the overall level of the previous month and is likely to be.

■19 (Thu)decision meeting scheduled end time is undecided
○(Day)Bank of Japan monetary policy meeting-expectations of monetary policy maintaining the status quo
Of the Japanese economy as a trend is gradually expanding to overseas economic slowdown and the tax hike impact, etc., requires attention,the economy’s growth trend will be maintained to guarantee capital. Trade issues, such as over the US-China confrontation has not been eliminated from the prices of the momentum is lost and it is increased if additional mitigation measures or to take the attitude that once again shows that.

■20 (Fri) at 21 days at 0: will be announced
○(Rice)11 March PCE core price index-expected year-on-year+1.5%
Reference to 10 figures are year-on-year+1.6%. Inflation have stabilized,consumer spending growth is also suppressed to some extent this was confirmed. 11 about a month, the wage rise rate had a noticeable change that,such as durable goods demand and growth in this core inflation rate is 10 actuals slightly below may.

○Other main economic indicators scheduled to be released
・16 (Mon): (US) 10 on U.S. portfolio investment,(Europe) 12 March Eurozone composite PMI
・17th (Tue): (US)11 August housing starts (us)11 on construction permits
・18 (Wed) (Sun)11 on the trade balance
・19 (Thu): (US)11 March existing home sales number
・20 (Friday):(days) 11 month the National Consumer Price Index,(U.S.)7-9 September quarter GDP revised value,
(Europe)on 10 Euro area current account《FA》

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