Domestic and international attention to economic data:Japan’s monetary policy is maintaining the status quo of the likely

*14:27JST domestic and international attention to economic indicators:Japan’s monetary policy is maintaining the status quo of the likely
1 on 20 October−24 October week will be announced in the major economic indicators about the prospect of below

■21 (Tue)determine the meeting’s scheduled end time is undecided
○(Day)Bank of Japan monetary policy meeting-expectations of monetary policy maintaining the status quo
The future of the Japanese economy of uncertainty have not disappeared from the”price stability target toward the momentum is lost and it is high in the case,without hesitation,additional monetary easing measures”and policies are expected to remain. The Bank of Japan,”price stability target”of 2 percent, aiming to achieve as it is necessary for maintaining that target in a stable manner. point in time,”short and long interest rates in operations with quantitative and qualitative monetary easing”is expected to continue.

■23 (Thu)9 PM 45 minutes the results turned out planned
○(Europe) the European Central Bank (ECB)Executive Board-expected of monetary policy maintaining the status quo
The ECB’s strategy under review the work has begun and been to this Board in a strategic reassessment about the formal agreement is expected. The inflation rate remained at a low level causes to consider such as the take precedence, although there is a possibility of the subject is extensive, the revaluation details of the turns out that is next expected.

■24 (Fri)8: 30 a.m. will be announced
○(Day)12 month nationwide core CPI index-forecast year-on-year+0.7%
Reference 11 Actuals are the year-on-year + 0.5%, with market expectations and matched. Eating out prices, material costs,transport costs, education and entertainment services, such as Rose. 12 months, material costs,freight costs continue to rise and the core CPI rate of increase is 11 Actuals are expected to outperform.

■24 (Fri)11: 45 p.m. will be announced
○(Rice)1 month Markit Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI)-expected 52. 8
Reference 12 on the revised value is 52. 4 in the preliminary figure of 52. 5 revised down from it. The production index revised value is 52. 4 11 in the figures below. 1 about a month, the production index and New Orders Index and the sluggish growth expected, and the entire index is 12 actuals slightly below may.

○Other main economic indicators scheduled to be released
・21 (Tue):(Europe) 1 on the Euro area ZEW Economic Expectations Index
・22 (Wed): (US) 12 March existing home sales number
・23 (Thu):(day) 12 month trade statistics, (US) 12 on economic activity leading index
・24 (Fri):(Europe) 1 month Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) 《FA》

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