Domestic and international attention to economic indicators:the US financial policy is the status quo expected


*14:25JST domestic and international attention to economic indicators:the US financial policy is the status quo expected
12 October 9−13 October will be announced in the major economic indicators about the prospect of below.

■11 (Wed), Japan time 12 days Morning 4 when the results turn out
○(US)Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)meeting-expectations of monetary policy maintaining the status quo
The US Federal Reserve Board (the FED)of Powell Chairman last month and made congressional testimony”monetary policy is the status quo appropriate,”he said,7 months from continued interest rate cuts for the time being to stop the policy expressed. US economy is a trade war and that there are downside risks, the monetary easing is boosting”moderate economic growth continues”and the bullish Outlook is also shown. The FED is 7 months from 10 months to 3 meetings consecutive interest rate cuts in the future, the Outlook for the policy rate for the time being deferred, suggested the idea, and this is the status quo of the prospect.

■12 日 (Thursday) afternoon at 9: 45 results announcement scheduled
○(Europe)the European Central Bank (ECB)Executive Board-expected of monetary policy maintaining the status quo
Lagarde ECB President in the European Parliament testimony, and”accommodative monetary policy during the economic domestic demand to push up the powerful,”he said. Near the start of the strategy review, the inflation and climate change and other subjects, the perception shows. However, according to some reports,Eurozone Finance Ministers and the ECB negative interest rate policy to criticize the strong for like, the next year after the Board of the negative interest rate problem of how could.

■13th (Friday) at 8: 50 a.m. will be announced
○(Days)10-12 months date Silver Tankan Corporate Survey-large manufacturers DI,3
12 month survey Tankan, the US-China trade friction and abroad and the economic downturn affected the export downturn is prolonged, the consumption tax increase and the Typhoon No. 19 impact of the in addition, large manufacturers DI in 4 consecutive periods of deterioration in business sentiment shown is expected. Depreciation of the yen and IT of the cycle bottoming out, such as some of the positive material, there is sentiment to push up underpowered. Large companies in the nonmanufacturing sector, the tax increase consumer spending along with the fall and typhoons by operating pause, the bilateral relationship due to the number of foreign visitors fell as business confidence, deterioration is expected.

■13 (Fri)10: 30 PM will be announced
○(Rice)11 months retail sales and forecast compared to the previous month+0.4%
Reference to 10 figures from the previous month+0.3%. Automotive dealers and gas stations were strong but clothing and furniture sales are sluggish it was. 11 month,13 major fields of half a degree may decrease, the employment situation is a major change and the revenue from the 10 figures from the same level as or slightly above the May.

○Other main economic indicators scheduled to be released
・9 (Mon): (Sun)7-9 month term the gross domestic product(GDP) revised value
・10 October(Tue): (medium)11 month consumer price index
・11 (Wed.) (Day)11 February Domestic Corporate Goods Price Index
・12 (Thu):(day) 10 September machinery orders,(European) 10 on Eurozone industrial production,(rice)11 producer price index《FA》

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