Domestic car first sold under the GT name in April 56 years ago | 64 year model Isuzu Bellet 1600 GT Vol.1

It was in July 1993, 19 years ago, that Isuzu Motors stopped the development and production of small passenger cars by itself. The reason for the decision was to concentrate on the production and sales of commercial vehicles and SUVs. It was a manufacturer that has made a lot of good passenger cars out into the world, but the company's decision is very heavy. Those who used to use Isuzu passenger cars at the time would be disappointed.

Despite the loss of history, however, the cars created by Isuzu are still being passed down by the caring owners. Even if it is difficult to obtain repair parts, he is proud to own an Isuzu car and continues to maintain it.

If GT is the Isuzu car, it will be natural to talk about the Beret 1600 GT. In April 1964, the Beret was the first domestic car to be released with the grade name GT. The Skyline GT existed at the same time and was announced in March, but the Bellet 1600 GT was the first to be widely sold.

The Bellet 4-door sedan first appeared in November 1963. The 1600GT was launched five months later. The nacelle of the headlight was the same as that of the sedan, but the center grill seems to have been a dedicated part for the 1600 GT.

In the center, the first company logo of the Isuzu Motors, which was established in July 1974, is installed. It is said that Isuzu enthusiasts will be surprised by the precious specifications.

The front seats are standard vinyl seats without headrests. The backseat and door lining were also covered with the same material.

Do you see a slight round mark on the red panel on the right side of the center? There is a trace that a round hole was filled later.

Publication: Nostalgic Hero June 2012 Vol.151 [All the contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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